Stop Advanced Malware with Advanced Threat Analyzer

Delivered as part of the Advanced Threat Prevention offering with the NSX Service-defined Firewall, the Advanced Threat Analyzer provides the most complete malware analysis of artifacts traversing your data center and enables accurate detection and prevention of advanced threats, including zero-day attacks.

Get Industry-Leading Detection

Leverage NSX Advanced Threat Analyzer for complete visibility into – and prevention of – evasive and advanced threats.

Five Cyberattacks You Would Miss Without AI

Ultimately, effective cybersecurity is about using different types of AI – each tuned to a specific task – to come up with a composite understanding of whether an attacker is present in your network.

Analyze Advanced Threats

Out maneuver increasingly sophisticated evasion techniques with VMware’s complete malware analysis system. Enable your threat analysts and incident response teams to analyze malicious objects used in advanced, targeted and zero-day attacks safely and efficiently.

Detect Malware with Deep Content Inspection

See malware behavior that other technologies miss. VMware includes Deep Content Inspection™ to simulate an entire host, including CPU, system memory, and all devices, that interact with malware to observe all actions a malicious object might take.

Provide Complete Visibility into Malware Behavior

Present malware behavior in detailed reports that include all behaviors discovered during analysis. Use machine learning to detect anomalies in artifacts that have similarities to malicious objects which can indicate potential malicious code reuse.

Access VMware Threat Analysis Unit

Take advantage of our extensive threat knowledge base. Enable real-time updates of malware characteristics and behaviors for faster detection and analysis of previously unseen threats and accelerated response time to malicious activity.


Emulation Environment

Unique isolation and inspection environment that emulates an entire host.

Real-Time Reporting

Interactive real-time threat intelligence dashboard streamlines threat hunting.

Automated Analysis

Automatically deconstructs every behavior to determine maliciousness.

Content Inspection

Deep content inspection for 150+ file types—from .asc to .zip.

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