Delivering Edge and Data Center Infrastructure as-a-Service

Project Dimension delivers edge and data center infrastructure as-a-service, combining VMware's leading compute, storage, networking solutions with hyperconverged hardware, managed by VMware. This VMware Cloud service accelerates business innovation, while delivering enterprise-class security and reducing operational complexity.


See how Project Dimension extends the VMware Cloud to the Edge.

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Learn about the vision for the next generation of edge infrastructure.

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Project Dimension delivers hyperconverged infrastructure and hardware as a service to streamline your on-premises environment. Here’s how:



  • Fully Managed from initial deployment, to patching, to upgrades
  • Highly scalable, with a global view of your infrastructure
  • 100% operational visibility, with end-to-end audit trail


  • Common security model for all on-premises deployments
  • Central security and compliance trail repository for auditing
  • Integrated disaster recovery


  • Enable local processing of data generated at the Edge or in the Data Center
  • Advanced analytical capabilities
  • Take full advantage of AI/ML and modern IoT use cases

VMware is pleased to introduce the beta program for Project Dimension. This program includes collaboration opportunities with the VMware Project Dimension development and product organization to help provide strategic feedback for future product direction.

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