Organizations of all sizes are rapidly adopting hyperconverged infrastructure powered by vSAN to modernize their business, with more than 17,000 customers already onboard. These customers rely on vSAN to run mission-critical applications and to provide a flexible, secure digital foundation.

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

vSAN and Education

VMware vSAN provides an integrated, high-performance storage system that makes the most of limited budgets, dramatically increases performance for end-users and offers flexibility to handle shifting workloads and grow non-disruptively as needs evolve.

  • "Whenever we lost a node there was no impact on the user experience at all. That is completely amazing to me. If you’re concerned about data loss and recovery, I feel confident in saying that vSAN is a secure product." - Matt Hoffman, Executive Director of Technology, Clover School District
  • "What used to take our users 30 to 45 minutes to accomplish entering grades or scheduling, for instance in the old environment, now takes less than 5 minutes. That frees up valuable time for our teachers that they can use to help students." - Kenny Wilder, Director of Network Infrastructure, Fulton County Schools
  • For Ventura County College District, total cost of ownership for storage has decreased by 50 percent with vSAN, helping the district make better use of its overall IT budget.

Fulton County Schools

vSAN and Financial Services

Financial services companies need availability, security and reliability when it comes to data storage. Their customers expect high availability and performance, especially for business-critical apps like payment processing. With vSAN, everything from rolling out new infrastructure and applications to adding and moving resources works faster, becomes simpler and comes with enhanced security.

  • “The vSAN platform has given us greater control of our infrastructure stack as well as improved management of the VMware environment. In addition, it has also provided greater performance and simplification of the SAN infrastructure; it has afforded us freedom when scaling the infrastructure, as well as flexibility in our choice of hardware.” —Johan Marais, Virtualization Manager, Discovery Limited
  • “We went down the vSAN route for a number of different reasons: to get the resiliency, to get speed, to be able to move VMs faster.” —Jonathan Bowman, CTO, NX Systems
  • “Since the installation, we have not intervened once to resume stranded processes, and adding additional resources requires very little time. We have freed time for operations with greater value.” —Sylvain Monborgne, Support for Systems Infrastructure and Storage, Oney Banque Accord

PNC Financial Services Group

vSAN and Government

Government agencies can access much-needed cost savings and improved efficiency of their IT infrastructure with vSAN. It provides simple, cost-effective and highly available storage that can be centrally managed and easily scaled.

  • “vSAN allows us to now use commodity hardware, instead of having to expend a lot of money on a big SAN. It's really powerful and really easy to manage.” —Adam Cohen, IT Manager, City of North Las Vegas
  • The old system—which wasn’t nearly as robust and had much less storage capacity—cost roughly $300,000. The new vSAN environment from VMware was less than $150,000, representing a cost savings of 50 percent, with more capacity and better performance. —State Department of Health, The Bureau of Women, Infants, and Children
  • “As long as your hardware is compatible, [vSAN is] really seamless. It’s also much easier to manage than separate compute and storage platforms, with all the connection issues that can entail. Having everything visible on one pane of glass is a huge improvement.” —IT Director, U.S. Government Agency

City of North Las Vegas

vSAN and Healthcare

Hyperconverged infrastructure powered by vSAN delivers a secure, cost-effective infrastructure that accelerates the delivery of new patient services, supports end-user compute models, and improves maintenance of critical applications.

  • Baystate currently has 2PB of data and plans to consolidate that across three data centers into around 40 storage blades, which will save data center real estate by a factor of 10 to 1.
  • “[With vSAN] we can use commodity servers and drives to build a storage cluster for 30 percent less than the cost of similarly performing storage in a traditional SAN solution.” — Manu Mishra, Senior Engineer, Keck Medical Center of USC
  • "The new vSAN has performed tremendously faster. Application launch times went from approximately 30 seconds to less than 10 seconds in most cases, sometimes even closer to 5 seconds. We also were able to achieve more than 53,000 IOPS on vSAN, when we were previously seeing around 900." - Bobby Andreae, Network Systems Consultant and Citrix Administrator


Cerner improves workflow delivery with HCI powered by vSAN

vSAN and Manufacturing

Companies in manufacturing today must be smart about cost and speed. But they also can’t overlook challenging IT needs like reliable performance for business-critical applications, remote office environments and disaster recovery. vSAN eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional storage, while providing a high-performance architecture.

  • “We have about 300 virtual desktops that the developers are using. Some of their tools took 20 minutes to open. After we moved to vSAN, it took less than a minute to open. Users actually wanted to use their virtual desktops, instead of dreading using their virtual desktops.” —Adam Cook, Senior Systems Engineer, Amway
  • “The investment from VMware, and how rapidly they've been able to move forward with those capabilities, has been impressive. It's performant; it's cost effective; we can easily expand a cluster. We're getting 10 times the performance, easily.” —Brian Farmer, Windows Server and Virtualization Engineering, Amway
  • The VMware vSAN solution cost just one-fifth of a comparable Nutanix offering. Other options like all-flash arrays still made expansion and improvement of the VDI system cost prohibitive, without offering the advantages of a hyperconverged architecture. “If we hadn’t moved to VMware vSAN, we’d have to decommission our VDI.” —Drew Kemp, Senior Systems Administrator, ATS Automation


vSAN and Professional Services

vSAN powers infrastructure solutions and means fewer interruptions, faster response time in IT delivery and a more powerful and stable system with better visibility. See how vSAN is benefitting clients and improving business results.

  • “With vSAN, we are using all-flash configurations to get a 35% boost in performance while actually reducing costs. We tried another hyperconverged solution, but preferred vSAN because of its cost-effective scalability and native integration with vSphere.” —Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits
  • “vSAN has definitely helped la Chambre pick up problems before they happen, and the solution also allows them to know why something is wrong.” —François Rainville, Solutions Architect, PCD Solutions
  • “The use of vSAN saves us the costs of having to buy expensive hardware SANs. Furthermore, we avoid a single point of failure, which would have been the case with a traditional, non-redundant SAN.” —Rudolf Etzel, Project Manager, TOIFL Textile Care and Leasing

Global Benefits Company Better Serves Customers with Secure Modernized Data Center

vSAN and Retail

More and more businesses rely on IT to prevent loss of revenue and wasted time, and that includes retail. These retail companies chose VMware vSAN to keep their servers running, deliver applications faster and avoid a single point of failure, while still not breaking the bank.

  • “We were actually able to finance the design and implementation of our new vSAN server infrastructure by just taking the money that we had put aside for maintenance of the old server platform.” —Søren Vendler, IT Enterprise Architect Manager, Coop Danmark A/S
  • “Using vSAN, we're reducing our storage footprint in the data center. We don't have to now worry about buying additional storage arrays. We get better performance, better management capabilities, less data center footprint, lower costs. It's just a tremendous advantage in every aspect.” —Mike Conroy, Director of Technical Operations, Rent-a-Center
  • “True to our motto ‘Clean into the future,’ we opted for the concept of virtualization. VMware vSphere—integrated with vSAN—lays the foundation for our modern and cost-efficient infrastructure, which we can always adapt to the needs of the business.” —Rudolf Etzel, Project Manager, Rosa Toifl & Co GmbH

Coop Danmark

vSAN and Technology

Most technology companies are constantly looking for ways to do more with less when it comes to IT. VMware vSAN makes it possible to start small and scale out, dramatically lower TCO and move forward into the future of hyperconverged infrastructure with confidence.

  • “The biggest reasons to recommend VMware vSAN are the cost savings, the performance increase, and the agility and scalability that you don’t get with a traditional SAN solution. With vSAN, we can maintain great performance for our customers at a predictable cost—less than one-third of what it would cost us to host our data centers in the public cloud.” —Bob Tester, Enterprise Architect, CINgroup
  • “We got IOPS that were 10 times faster than our old storage. We almost fell out of our chairs when we saw the performance from this tiny little server running vSAN. It was staggering. The numbers were just unbelievable.” —Tom Lynott, Software Engineering Manager, iGov Technologies
  • “As an old storage guy, we used to have a lot of tools and technologies to manage our platform. The great thing with vSAN is actually that it's just a single click and we have a virtual SAN. That was absolutely brilliant to use.” —Harold Buter, CTO, Pea Soup Hosting

Yellow Pages Canada

vSAN and Telecommunications

Telecommunications companies rely on high-speed network access and innovative technology to support their information and communications solutions. VMware vSAN offers hyperconverged infrastructure with dramatically reduced storage costs, superfast performance and a standardized, repeatable deployment model.

  • “With vSAN behind CenturyLink Cloud, our customers can easily run modern apps that require huge amounts of flash storage. That’s a big win for our business and our customers. Our goal is to never buy traditional storage again!” —Jeremyah Corner, Director of Software Development, CenturyLink
  • “vSAN enabled the seamless extension of virtualization to storage, creating a hyperconverged solution that works with our existing tools, skillsets, software solutions and hardware platforms.” —Václav Molík, Head of Customer Solutions Design, T-Mobile Czech Republic
  • “The bottom line for why we selected VMware vSAN above any other solution was speed. When subjected to our aggressive load tests, the other HCI solutions we evaluated just fell over.” —Pete Peterson, Senior Systems Administrator, CenturyLink