Building a technology infrastructure for education comes with a unique set of requirements, from lowering total cost of ownership, to supporting critical applications, to adapting to future needs.


VMware vSAN provides both cost savings and flexibility, with a “build as you go” model that allows you to leverage prior investments and evolve to the cloud at your own pace. With vSAN, you can take the next step toward hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) while using tools and solutions you’re already familiar with. Improve ROI, strengthen security, and deliver high-quality experiences to the students and faculty who depend on you.


VMware is Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for HCI, November 2018.

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Clover School District Cuts Storage Costs by 75% with vSAN


“I am a huge fan of vSAN. Traditional SANs required a lot of babysitting; we had TBs of overprovisioned storage. With vSAN we can buy what we need, cut storage costs by 75%. System resiliency is great.”

Matt Hoffman, Executive Director of Technology

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Queen’s University Powers VDI with vSAN


“I was blown away with the implementation of vSAN for VDI. No single thing that we had done in the past has caused that extent of change from a user point of view.”

Stephen Hunt, Director of Information Technology

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Oakland University Saved Big and Improved Performance


“[With vSAN], we can do more, we can consolidate more. There is less downtime. After I moved to the new infrastructure, the developers started asking, ‘What happened? My application is running 50 percent faster.”

Mariusz Nowak, Director, Infrastructure Services at Oakland University

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Seamlessly Evolve to Virtualized Storage

  • Native to your hypervisor and leading public clouds
  • Use existing tools for compute and storage
  • Protect and optimize your current investments

Gain Flexibility and Maintain Choice

  • Extend to full-stack HCI
  • Use certified solutions with your preferred vendor
  • Unify resources under policy-based management

Move to the Cloud with Ease

  • Maintain consistent operations from data center to cloud to edge
  • Gain intrinsic security for data-at-rest and in-motion
  • Work with hundreds of public cloud providers

Top Use Cases for Education

Education-Critical Applications

vSAN powers the applications that students and faculty rely on, from Microsoft Exchange to AutoCAD. Ensure performance for even the most demanding workloads, with all-flash storage and up to 150,000 IOPS per node. vSAN scales up to 64 nodes per cluster and offers enterprise-grade Quality of Service and automated storage balancing.

Virtual Desktop Management

Students and faculty need fast, reliable access to information and applications anywhere they are—and now IT can support that with a consistent, personalized workspace. vSAN delivers high-performance VDI while reducing OpEx, allowing IT to deliver desktop services to end users via virtual machines on consolidated clusters in the data center.

Business Continuity

Educational institutions have unique SLAs for critical workloads, including key applications and physical infrastructure workloads for generator and HVAC systems. vSAN stretched clusters support high-availability requirements and mitigate the effects of local site failures and component failures, so that students can keep on learning without interruption.