vSphere Academy: What’s New with vSphere 7


Welcome to vSphere Academy—a hub for vSphere admins to learn what’s new or coming soon, directly from the VMware experts.


With vSphere 7, the biggest release in over a decade, vSphere continues to transform organizations by extending the infrastructure you know and trust into the future by co-locating Kubernetes, containers and virtual machines together. Integrating native Kubernetes brings the enterprise resiliency of vSphere to modern applications.


Watch these short videos to learn about:

  • vSphere 7 security and lifecycle details
  • vSphere with Tanzu (formerly known as vSphere with Kubernetes)
  • vSphere for AI/ML workloads

No need to log in—simply start from the top and work your way down, or jump to your area of interest to learn more.

Explore vSphere 7 

vSphere 7 Update 1: Overview

Learn about enterprise security updates and how to reduce complexity, maximize efficiency, and achieve cost savings with vSphere 7.

Watch the Video (4:19) 

vSphere 7: Demo

Watch a vSphere 7 demo led by a vSphere technical expert.

Watch the Video (5:58) 

Discover vSphere with Tanzu 

vSphere with Tanzu: Overview

Find out key details about vSphere with Tanzu, and how it can streamline development.

Watch the Video (1:25)  

vSphere with Tanzu: Demo

Watch a vSphere with Tanzu demo led by a vSphere technical expert.

Watch the Video (4:25) 

Experience vSphere for AI/ML 

vSphere for AI/ML Workloads: Overview

Learn how vSphere can create a shared pool of GPUs for higher device utilization and cost savings.

Watch the Video (4:30) 

vSphere Bitfusion for AI/ML: Lightboard

Get an overview of target use cases and best practices for maximizing GPUs on vSphere for AI/ML workloads including GPU virtualization with Bitfusion.

Watch the Video (5:58) 

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