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Our new vSphere 6.7 Lightning Lab gives you hands-on experience in just 30 min, no installation required.

What’s New with vSphere 6.7

Explore the new features of vSphere 6.7 that provide simplified management at scale, comprehensive security, a universal platform for apps, and a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

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vSphere Security - Getting Started

Experience new security features of vSphere 6.7, including VM Encryption, Audit Quality Logging, Encrypted vMotion and more.

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vSphere Platinum Hands-on Lab

Try vSphere Platinum for the industry leading capabilities of vSphere combined with the advanced security of AppDefense, no installation required.

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vSphere Automation - PowerCLI

Gain familiarity with the tool, and then dive deeper into the functionality available with real world examples.

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