Our Purpose

At VMware Carbon Black, our job is to keep you safe by staying on top of the latest threats and attack techniques. To deliver the most comprehensive protection possible, we’re constantly enhancing our products with the latest detection logic. We have built an automated malware-analysis pipeline to catch the traditional malware artifacts, and we have an advanced-analytics environment to detect the fingerprints left by the attacks that abandon files all together.

Step 1:

Understand the attacker, their motivations and methods

Step 2:

Understand the targets and vulnerabilities

Step 3:

Detect and prevent emerging attacks

Step 4:

Develop detection and prevention that extend beyond malware

Our Talent

The VMware Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) is composed of some of the leading minds in cybersecurity research.

Malware Analysts and Reverse Engineers

Threat Hunters

Data Scientists

Intelligence Analysts

Our Tools

The VMware Carbon Black TAU is focused on the next wave of attacks. Our job is to keep you safe by understanding how to detect and prevent attacks that bypass traditional, file-centric, prevention strategies. We focus on techniques that were once the domain of advanced hackers and are now moving downstream into the commodity attack market. At our disposal are real-time big data, event streaming processing, static, dynamic and behavioral analytics, and machine learning.

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