We’ve gathered several tools and documents to help you prepare for the VCDX certification process.


The Certification Process


VCDX Workshop


The Workshop is offered in two distinct forms: in person and online via WebEx. Each one is a complete and engaging deep dive into the VCDX Process providing tips and success strategies for: solution design selection and development; the VCDX application and supporting documentation; creation and delivery of the design overview; the VCDX design scenario; the VCDX troubleshooting scenario; time management strategies, and questions candidates can expect to field during their Design Defense.


What makes the two differ is that where the in person workshop is 4 hours long with interactive audience participation throughout, interaction in the online version is limited to the WebEx chat window. We use the same content for both, but since there is less audience participation the online version is shorter (2 hours). We plan to offer the online sessions quarterly during times that work for both APAC as well as US/EMEA, and they will be recorded. These sessions do not build on each other, each replay is the same content as the previous so you need only attend one or two as a refresher.


See VCDX Workshop schedule here


To aid candidates who cannot attend a live session, we have also provided the workshop content in other formats.

Sample Designs

Note: These designs do not necessarily include all components needed for the VCDX Application package, nor are they intended to be used as a template for a candidate's submissions. A prospective candidate should not use anything directly from these samples in your final design package. These are intended solely to provide examples to help you with your own customized design package, and you should always refer to the appropriate VCDX Blueprint for your application to ensure you include everything necessary.