The VCTA - Security 2020 certification validates a candidate's understanding of VMware's security solutions and the candidate's ability to provide entry level support for the security features of VMware products, including NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

Certification Path if you are new to VMware Certifications:

(Recommended) Attend one of the training courses

VMware Virtual Cloud Network: Core Technical Skills (Coming Soon)
VMware Digital Workspace: Self Paced (Coming Soon)

Pass the Associate VMware Security exam

Certification Path
VMware Learning Zone

What is the VCTA?

The VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) is a new credential offered by VMware that validates the skills and knowledge required by candidates performing operational tasks within a virtualized infrastructure, in areas across multi-cloud operations, networking, security, and device management. The training provides hands-on practice and learning for both new and experienced technical students.

Who should earn the VCTA?

The VCTA is for anyone new to the industry, whether as a newly graduating student, someone changing careers, or someone working in the industry and looking for opportunities to advance. The VCTA is built for those performing an operator job role, consisting of those Day 2 type of regular, repeated tasks typically delegated by administrators of virtualized environments.

How long is the VCTA?

The VCTA consists of a 90-minute multiple-choice exam. 

What is the best way to prepare for the VCTA exam? 

Prepare for the exam by taking the available training aligned to the same objectives as the exam. This training is online and can be accessed through the VMware Learning Zone here. 

How do I take the VCTA exam? 

You can take the exam at either a Pearson VUE test center or at a home, office or work location using the Pearson OnVue remote proctored solution. When registering for the exam, you will have the option of selecting your location to take the exam.  

Is the VCTA exam proctored or non-proctored? 

The VCTA exam is a proctored exam, meaning that as you take the exam, there will be a proctor monitoring the exam, to both protect the integrity of the exam as well as validate that the candidate is answering the questions on their own and not leveraging outside help or resources.  

Is the VCTA a prerequisite for the VCP? 

No. The VCP exams are for a higher-level, more advanced level of certification, aligned to an administrator job role. Experienced candidates may earn the VCP without first earning the VCTA.  

What tracks or domains does the VCTA cover? 

There is a unique VCTA for each track that the VMware certification program covers. Starting at VMworld 2020, there will be a VCTA-DCV and VCTA-NV available, with the VCTA-CMA and VCTA-Security to soon follow. The VCTA-DW and VCTA-AM are in development now.