Services Overview

IBM Global Services (IGS) and VMware have been partnering for over a decade and have developed dozens of service offerings for many of the world’s top corporations.    IGS is a world leader in IT consulting, outsourcing, and support services and VMware is the world leader in x86 virtualization and cloud infrastructure technology.   Together we offer solutions with unparalleled levels of quality that are most trusted by customers to run their business critical applications.  These solutions help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure, increase system performance and resiliency, and enable greater IT agility.  IBM and VMware continue to invest heavily in joint product integrations, interoperability, and value added features to enhance and create new IGS service offerings.

Business Continuity & Resiliency Services (BCRS)

IGS offers several BCRS offerings based on VMware technology to protect your IT assets, secure your data, and ensure greater uptime and recoverability from outages.

  • IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) can help reduce your recovery time and improve the reliability of your recovery infrastructure through a fully managed, comprehensive server recovery solution.
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  • IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup is a cloud-based service that enables security-rich, managed protection of critical data. Our service provides on-site or off-site data backup to help you reduce operational risk and total cost of ownership.
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Datacenter Consulting Services

IGS offers consulting services to help businesses optimize their IT assets and create a more agile foundation for a private cloud based on VMware technology.

  • IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services - VMware server virtualization services helps you build a sound business case to justify server consolidation and virtualization initiatives that can reduce costs, increase value from your current investments and support a dynamic business infrastructure.
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IT Outsourcing Services

IGS offers delivered IT services for businesses who want to outsource their IT infrastructure and management, enabled by VMware technology.

  • Virtual Hosting - Virtual server services -- IBM virtual server technology enables you to reduce the number of servers you need and consolidate capacity.  By replacing or complementing your physical servers with virtual ones, you can satisfy peak scalability requirements without a costly, oversized infrastructure.
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Hosted Application Services

IGS offers hosted application services for key applications for customers who want to leverage a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

  • SAP on Demand -- IBM will host your SAP application in their hardened, fault-tolerant data centers, which have been designed to accommodate a very wide variety of application platforms and networking equipment.
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SmartCloud Solutions

IGS offers public cloud service offerings who want to leverage an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering:

  • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Plus provides easy access to a security-rich, cost-effective public cloud infrastructure that is hosted and managed by IBM and based on VMware technology.
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IBM Software Support Services for VMware

Support Line services from IBM can help you provides a single, comprehensive resource to solving common issues with operating systems, popular productivity applications software, virtualization software and System x servers and TotalStorage devices.  These remotely delivered services feature the world-class support capabilities of IBM and the varied expertise of our global network of support professionals.