The Power of Partnership


Intel and VMware have collaborated to deliver innovative solutions since the inception of virtualization technology.


VMware and Intel provide IT organizations a path to digital transformation, delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations across data centers and public clouds to accelerate application speed and agility for business innovation and growth. Together, we also transform networking and security using a holistic solution across software and hardware to connect and secure applications and data wherever they reside, from data center to cloud to edge.


That means customers can advance innovation, optimize system services in real-time, deliver business agility, improve security, and lower operational costs.


Intel vPro® in Partnership with VMware Workspace ONE®


Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory and Ray O-Farrell


“With the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family, combined with VMware software, VMware expects to be able to drive more virtual machines on a given platform. It’s all about running more workloads in the data center”

-Ray O'Farrell, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, VMware

“VMware and Intel have been working together since the dawn of virtualization technology. I see what we are delivering now with Intel Select Solutions as the next evolution of the partnership.”

-Lisa Spelman, VP & GM, Intel® Xeon® Products & Data Center Marketing, Data Center Group, Intel

“Hyperconverged Infrastructure allows us now to build a system with vSAN software that make customers more responsive to changing business needs. The combination of the latest VMware vSAN technology combined with the latest Intel CPUs and Intel Optane SSDs is giving us a stunning improvement in performance.”

-Lee Caswell, VP Products, Storage & Availability, VMware


Modern Chip-to-Cloud PC Management

Intel and VMware’s integrated technologies deliver chip-to-cloud PC management and security capabilities to support today’s anywhere workforce. With a direct link between Intel vPro® powered silicon and VMware Workspace ONE® cloud-native management, IT organizations are empowered with security at the distributed edge, streamlined PC management, and intelligence-based automation. Customers can ensure their workforce stays secure and productive no matter where they choose to work.

Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory

As customers are generating ever more data, they see an increasing pain point: The amount of this data and the need to analyze it ever more quickly. This requires large capacity memory within the server, as well as persistent storage. This is where Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory really steps up because it offers the latency of memory with the persistence of storage. VMware vSphere intends to support this game-changing technology, which will increase the size and density of workloads on a single server without changing the workloads themselves.

Modernize Data Centers for IT Transformation

Surging innovations in hardware and software places IT front-and-center in the quest for rapid digital business transformation. VMware and Intel provide IT organizations a path to digital transformation, delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations across data centers and public clouds to accelerate application speed and agility for business innovation and growth. VMware and Intel’s solutions, built upon software-defined HCI architecture of natively integrated compute, network, and storage virtualization technologies, offer customers self-driving operations and management on industry standard Intel technology.

Transform Networking & Security

VMware and Intel transform networking and security with the Multi-Cloud Networking, a networking vision for the digital era. The Virtual Cloud Network, built on NSX technology running on Intel Architecture, provides a ubiquitous software layer across data center, cloud, edge, and other hardware infrastructure with the following characteristics:

  • A cloud networking fabric - consistent connectivity from edge to edge.
  • Security that is intrinsic to the infrastructure with hardware root of trust and not bolted on
  • A network delivered in software for maximum agility

With this platform, customers can secure their application infrastructure wherever applications reside, fully embrace connections to the cloud, and unify their branch and edge environments across their business.

Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN

Intel Select Solutions are verified hardware and software stacks that are optimized for specific software workloads across compute, storage, and network. Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN:

  • Are performance-optimized specifically for VMware vSAN
  • Reduce the time required to evaluate, select, and purchase the necessary hardware components
  • Minimize the time required to deploy new infrastructure
  • Deliver performance optimized to a specific threshold across compute, storage, and network on trusted Intel® architecture

Customer Testimonials


“We are really excited about the performance gains coming with the new Intel Xeon Scalable processor family. We are working with Intel and VMware to produce some of the most workload specific, high compliance, and high security services out there in the market today.”

-William Bell, Vice President of Products, phoenixNAP