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Getting Started with a vSAN Assessment

See what a vSAN Assessment entails, how it works, and how you can benefit.

The vSAN Assessment is a free tool that helps validate vSAN’s benefits to your organization. In just 2 days, you can understand how vSAN will save you time and money to address your storage needs. The assessment delivers a comprehensive analysis of your vSphere Environment which includes

  • Which VMs are a suitable candidate for vSAN
  • Sizing and Hardware recommendations
  • Estimated storage CAPEX and OPEX savings

There are 3 main components of the tool 

Collector Appliance
This is a virtual appliance (OVF file) deployed in your environment that collects data and returns to the production portal. The tool DOES NOT collect or store any customer sensitive data and has minimal footprint with no performance impact. For details on the security aspects and privacy features, please refer to the VMware Infrastructure Planner Security white paper.


Production Portal

The portal receives I/O traces from your infrastructure and completes processing of the data received.


Public Portal

This is the online portal that displays a summary of the data analyzed from your environment. The reports can be downloaded and consumed for later use.   


Recently Launched Updates to the Tool (March 2017)

  1. There is no now requirement to bring the host down into maintenance mode when installing the collector appliance!
  2. The default runtime of the assessment has been reduced from 7 to 2 days, however, the recommendation is to run it during peak workloads to avoid under sizing.

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