Fastest Track to Dedicated team of Telco NFV Experts and Proactive Account Management


Premier Support for Telco is the highest level of support available from VMware and introduces a holistic approach to the support of VMware products across your business-critical Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform. Premier Support for Telco enables you to protect your customers’ experience of your service. From the beginning, the Premier Support for Telco team will engage with your operations team to lay out and plan a proactive approach to support your environments. This engagement service will endeavor to identify and resolve risks before they turn into issues so that your business and customers are protected. The delivery of Premier Support for Telco to you will be focused on three key areas:

  • Assess and Plan - VMware will engage with you to perform a comprehensive review of your environments and solutions—covering items such as architecture, supportability and use cases. We will work with your team to assess your deployment and downstream deliverables to your internal customers. Armed with this information, we will develop a plan that fits your specific requirements.
  • Proactively prevent - Once we have a plan in place, we will work with your team to introduce tools, knowledge and processes into your operations team to help prevent risks from turning into issues. The focus will be on improving operational health, stability and performance across people, process and technology. Based upon your specific needs you will receive a range of proactive services such as tools, troubleshooting guides, environmental health checks, assistance with lifecycle management, as well as proactive advice and guidance.
  • Restore and Resolve - No plan is ever foolproof, and in the event that something unforeseen happens or that risk turns into reality the VMware team will be there to get your system and services back on-line as soon as possible.


  • Guaranteed Response Times for your NFV environment
  • Service restoration service level agreements (SLAs) for your NFV environment, a unique off ering for telco customers
  • For your IT (non NFV) environment you receive Target Response Times: there are no Guaranteed Response Times or Restoration Times
  • Priority access to VMware’s most experienced technical support engineers
  • Dedicated support account management that will be the single point of contact for both your NFV and IT (non-NFV) environments
Feature Premier Support for Telco
Hours of Operation 24x7x365
Length of Service 1 or 3 year
Product Updates & Upgrades Included with required Production Support and Subscription Service
Products Supported under VMware for Telco SLAs VMware Cloud NFV (VSphere, vCD-SP, vSAN, VMware NSX, VMware SRM, VROps, Log Insight, vSphere Repiclation)
Method of Access Telephone, Web
Response Method Telephone, Web, Email
Designated Support Account Manager Yes
SDK Support SDK support is not available for all products. For more information go to the VMware SDK and API Support Program
Remote Support Yes
Onsite Support Services Yes
Access to VMware Discussion Forums and Knowledge Base Yes
Maximum Number of Technical Contacts per Contract 20 individual technical contacts per support geography
Number of Support Requests Unlimited
Root Cause Analysis Severity 1 & 2 incidents, upon request
Support Review Meetings Yes
Support Business Reviews Yes
Proactive Support Services Yes
Target Response Times (NFV)
Critical (Severity 1)
Major (Severity 2)
Minor (Severity 3)
Cosmetic (Severity 4)
Proactive (Severity 5)

30 minutes or less; 24x7
2 business hours; 10x7
4 business hours; 10x5 (M–F)
8 business hours; 10x5 (M–F)
3 business days
Restoration Times (NFV)
Critical (Severity 1)
Major (Severity 2)
Minor (Severity 3)
Cosmetic (Severity 4)

4 hours
24 hours
1 week
Not Applicable


Additional Information

The Premier Support for Telco contract is limited to one business unit and Entitlement Account per customer, per geography. Additional SAM and geography coverage options are available for purchase.


Purchase information can be found by dialing one of the VMware toll-free numbers and choosing the Sales option. Additional information about VMware support policies and offerings can be found in the Technical Support Welcome Guide.


Terms and Conditions: This datasheet is for informational purposes only. VMWARE MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DATASHEET. Premier Support for Telco Services engagements are governed by the VMware SnS Terms and Conditions and its amendment for the VMware for Premier Support for Telco Services.