Start the Journey to Your Cloud

From listening to our VMware customers, we know that building a cloud environment is best thought of as a journey, not just a one-time event. As the road lengthens behind them, their focus shifts and expands: from increased IT productivity, to whole-business productivity, and finally to on-demand IT as a service (ITaaS) across the organization.

With each step forward on the VMware implementation path, business benefits and ROI increase significantly. Recent studies reiterate our findings that, during customers' journey to the cloud, savings in early CapEx and OpEx are complemented by increased IT agility, improved operations and new revenue.* The value of an evolving software-defined data center ultimately reaches far beyond the offices of the IT department.

Are you building a private cloud for your business-critical, tier 1 applications? Using a public cloud service? Or implementing a hybrid model that combines the benefits of both? With industry-leading technology from VMware, you can create a secure, responsive, extensible cloud environment to meet your ever-expanding business needs.

Business Benefits

  • Lower TCO: 27 percent lower IT costs; 50 percent drop in maintenance requirements**
  • New revenue gains of 20 percent or more with ITaaS implementation
  • 50 percent less time to build and deliver new applications and services
  • Improved reliability and dependability
  • Simplified, intelligent IT provisioning and deployment

* Source: VMware Journey Benchmark Report, Jan 2013
** Source: Catching the Tide: VMware IT as a Service (white paper), Apr 2013

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