Health and Safety Disclaimer

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 do not attend VMware Explore until you have met the California Department of Public Health’s isolation recommendations for the general public. If you have concluded your isolation according to these guidelines, be sure to wear a well-fitted mask through day 10 at a minimum (where Day 0 is the day that you were tested or had the onset of symptoms if you were symptomatic). If you are feeling unwell and have COVID-19 like symptoms, do not come onsite to VMware Explore, self-isolate and take a COVID-19 test to determine infection status. 

  • Proof of vaccination or COVID-19 testing are not currently required but are subject to change based on the latest local guidelines.
  • VMware highly recommends the wearing of masks while in attendance. Disposable masks will made available to attendees while onsite.
  • Enhanced cleaning will be performed throughout the venue and program areas.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the program.
  • Do not attend if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of a viral infection.
  • Social distancing preference pins will be available.

We encourage you to review the health and safety protocols in place for the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We are excited to be returning to San Francisco in 2022. San Francisco is near the top of every survey of travelers’ favorites for its natural beauty, cultural offerings, and thriving food scene. Crime rates in San Francisco are lower than in many other popular tourist destinations in the US, including Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, and Washington, D.C.

San Francisco is also working to make the city even safer and cleaner. There are many investments and initiatives underway to create a safe and clean experience for visitors.

We understand the concern attendees have when traveling to VMware Explore, and we continue to evaluate and update our safety and security plans, working in conjunction with Moscone staff. Additional updates, as needed, will be posted on this page. For more information about all the measures that help the city ensure safety and cleanliness, visit the San Francisco Travel page.

In the event of an emergency during VMware Explore, please call the Moscone Center security number at (415) 978-3511. If you encounter any emergencies in the evening, please dial 911 as needed. 

VMware suggests these tips not only for VMware Explore, but for any conference you attend, to stay safe:

  • Remove your attendee badge and put it away or recycle it upon leaving VMware Explore venues.
  • Keep your eyes up, your ears open, and your phone away.
  • Carry your wallet in the inside front pocket of your pants or your jacket.
  • Keep a close eye on your belongings at all times. Avoid leaving bags on the ground or over the back of the chair.
  • Ask shopkeepers, hotel staff or police officers for assistance when needed. In general, San Franciscans are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
  • Call the Moscone Center security number at (415) 978-3511 in the event of an emergency during VMware Explore. If you encounter any emergencies in the evening, please dial 911 as needed.