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Learn how you can “shift security left” and integrate it in the pipeline end-to-end to build a secure software supply chain, including SBOMs, vulnerability testing, API security, and incident management. Sessions will focus on speed and security in the software delivery value stream, Dev(Sec)Ops culture, optimizing application operation, and measuring success.

Explore the key capabilities and principles for simplifying and scaling how you can run and manage Kubernetes in multi-cloud environments. Learn about global policy and security management, cluster lifecycle management, connectivity / networking of clusters and apps, observability, and cost management. Sessions will focus on how to scale adoption of Kubernetes, how to automate and ease the operational burden (and gain efficiency), how to consistently manage across clouds (public, private, edge), how to optimize apps and clusters, and how to secure apps and data in distributed environments.

Join us to learn more about cloud native app development whether you are building new cloud native apps from scratch or modernizing existing applications to run optimally in cloud environments. We’ll focus on a multi-cloud developer experience (DevX) for modern applications—how to optimize the developer inner loop to enable high productivity and velocity for developers (with operational consistency and efficiency across environments). Topics include developer tooling/IDEs, API discovery and management, data services/strategies, cloud native best practices, microservices architectures, and app modernization techniques. 

Open source is an essential catalyst of today’s technology solutions – it’s software in the modern world. You can’t build software without open source – nor would you want to. Smart leaders know how to take open source from a source of stress to a strategic advantage. Learn from industry experts and VMware’s open source leaders and take your open source strategy to the next level.

Solution Keynote

VMware leadership takes the stage to showcase solutions to the most challenging issues facing enterprise developers and IT professionals. Filled with real-life examples and product demonstrations, these keynotes help develop the digital foundation that delivers any app on any cloud to any device.

Key Stages in the Modern App Journey

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