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Tackling the seemingly impossible is at the root of VMware’s origin. We continue to cultivate a culture of innovation and inclusion where curiosity meets execution, building technology that impacts the future. The Vision & Innovation track explores advanced technologies and emergent trends, such as generative AI and machine learning, and how VMware co-innovates with customers and partners to deliver impactful solutions. Gain insights into new technologies and bring back lessons learned to help foster your company’s innovation engine. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore new professional development paths, the power of authentic personal branding in today’s crowded landscape, and strategies to build sustainable, diverse, and thriving workplaces.












VMware leaders outline the challenges and opportunities facing today’s enterprise developers and IT professionals and the solutions and guidance to address them. These sessions will highlight the role of multi-cloud for successful generative AI adoption within your enterprise. Featuring insights from like-minded peers, industry experts and customers, these sessions will also showcase the trusted foundation organizations rely on to accelerate innovation and deliver breakthrough developments.

Technology Innovation Showcase

Everything Everywhere All At Once - Living on the Edge with VMware

Featured Topics

Sessions in this track will cover the following topics and more.

Generative AI and Machine Learning



Professional Development


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Featured Sessions

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Career Advancement Panel Discussion: Tips for Success from Tech Leaders

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Panel: Stories of Struggles and Superpowers