Connect and Innovate

Experience a briefing that revolves around your needs and vision. With that as our north star, together we'll work to turn good ideas into great ones, understand how innovation can deliver unexpected value, and explore new ways technology can change your business and the world.

Grow with New Possibilities


Cloud, mobile, and edge computing. IoT, AI, and ML. Our world is changing at a speed not seen before. When you visit a VMware Briefing Center, you’ll meet with the right mix of our experts ready to discuss your unique business challenges. We’ll explore strategies to accelerate your organization’s singular digital transformation. This isn’t just anyone’s journey, it’s your journey.

Explore Cutting-Edge Technology

Transform complex into doable with multi-cloud technology, digital workspaces,  and more, while learning what emerging trends like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G mean for your industry and the world.

Meet with Top Experts

Collaborate with a team of VMware executives, thought leaders, and subject-matter experts through immersive, in-person, and in-depth dialogue that goes to the heart of what matters to your business.

Build Your Roadmap

Develop a blueprint for business transformation through personalized experiences. Our broad network of strategic partnerships with leading providers means we can work with you to build an ideal solution for your tech stack.

How do you customize the meeting for my business?

We’ve done our research, and we’re here to listen. Account executives who know your business match with product specialists and technology strategists to craft an experience that’s unique and relevant to you.

Why should I invest my time in a briefing?

A briefing is an opportunity not just to solve current issues but to look long term and develop a broader vision. Get ahead of the competition with our industry-leading flexibility, freedom, and choice for technology solutions.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Our business and technology experts are ready to design an experience just for you at one of our Centers.

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