The execution of a cloud strategy can be a long and difficult process. For those that do not have a clear overview of their current infrastructure, it can be difficult to align this execution with the needs and requirements of the business. Other challenges may be that you have legacy applications that are dependent on the existing underlying infrastructure or that you have a siloed set up, which makes it difficult to achieve an overview of all of the layers in the data centre. This complexity has led many companies to take the “building a plane whilst flying it” approach, resulting in a cloud solution that is not planned out and not adequate for the business. Some companies even end up postponing their shift to cloud indefinitely and not gaining the business benefits that come with a cloud strategy.

To overcome the complexity of a cloud project, VMware is partnering with AWS to create a concept that makes it easy to extend a virtualized infrastructure into the cloud. This will enable you to instantly gain all of the benefits of an on-demand and as-a-service infrastructure whilst maintaining control over data location.

An accelerated and tangible journey to the cloud
It is no secret that companies offering flexible tools and continuous availability to their workforce have far better productivity and competitiveness in an unpredictable market. "There is a big difference in cloud maturity in Nordic companies, and many may not have realized how quickly they can actually achieve the on-demand flexibility they dream of," says Henrik Mønster, Lead Solution Engineer, VMware Cloud.

He explains that VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) is a separate service based on the same technology as the well-known VMware Cloud Foundation. “You can run VMware Cloud on AWS stand alone or you can choose to make a hybrid solution with VMware vSphere locally in the data centre”.

Sebastian Ramirez, Lead Solution Engineer, says that the customers' journey to the cloud has been significantly simplified with VMware Cloud on AWS and that the technology makes the cloud strategy more tangible to execute. The migration process for VMware Cloud on AWS is ultra-simple, as VMware's technology allows you to extend a network into the cloud and migrate a running VM with vMotion to an AWS data centre.

A unique feature in VMware's technology is the way in which all layers of the infrastructure are virtualized (server, storage and network). This means both legacy and cloud-native applications can run side by side on the same platform. With VMware Cloud on AWS, applications can be moved directly to public clouds without being redesigned.

In Europe we have five AWS regions with Stockholm being conveniently close and the newest of the regions to be added. It is also the cheapest region in Europe according to Henrik Mønster. Sebastian Ramirez adds that included in the VMware Cloud on AWS package, you also get built-in patching and monitoring of the entire platform.

Innovation using Native Services
One of the most exciting benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS is the possibility to modernize applications by using AWS Native Services. The wide range of services allows you to further simplify the infrastructure and develop next-gen applications. Native services provide the same value as the rest of the cloud and are as easy to implement as checking a box to enable a service, whether it is a file sharing, load balancing or low cost storage for backup solutions. Because these services are available on-demand and can enabled or disabled as easy as a click of a button, it is easier manage the size of a company’s infrastructure based on current needs and thus only pay for what is needed.

Increased accessibility in four ways
Sebastian Ramirez who collaborates with VMware Cloud Providers in the Nordic and Baltic countries has found four ways in which VMware Cloud on AWS can help companies increase accessibility and flexibility:

  1. Scale the infrastructure in minutes - on-demand, as you need it. Companies can establish cloud capacity in less than two hours in 17 global AWS regions. There are five regions in Europe including the region of Stockholm.
  2. Built-in and proactive disaster recovery with VMware Site Recovery and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  3. A remote workforce can be up or down scaled instantly as needed using the VMware VDI solution on VMware Cloud on AWS.
  4. When expanding and merging the infrastructure, the possibility to duplicate and merge using VMware Cloud on AWS significantly simplifies the process.

“Spinning up a fully provisioned and configured VMware SDDC with vSphere, vSAN, NSX and HCX - everything is ready to use! It takes between 70 and 90 minutes and you have your own dedicated environment”, Henrik Mønster concludes.

Want to know more about VMware Cloud on AWS? Listen to this podcast, sign up for this webinar, or experience the solution with a free trial of Hands-On-Lab.