VMworld: immerse yourself in the digital experience with your Nordic team

This year like many other things, our plans got turned upside down. For more than 15 years, VMware has hosted our annual event VMworld, in different cities in the US and Europe. As much as we wanted to meet in person in Barcelona for VMworld, it’s clear that a live event is not feasible this year. We have instead created an entirely new digital VMworld which you can attend from wherever you are in the world!

Unexpected opportunities and benefits
This year VMworld is an entirely digital event, giving you even more possibilities than usual to learn from experts and peers! “The unexpected benefit of a digital event this year is that more people will have the opportunity to join us at VMworld.” explains Marie Berner Moberg, Director & Country Manager for VMware in Sweden.

Last year, VMworld in Europe had a record number of attendees. The expectation is that by hosting a digital event, more people and with different profiles will have the opportunity to join the event. “The feedback from some customers have been that they are looking forward to joining their first VMworld event this year.” adds Marie Berner Moberg.

As part of the digital experience, content will be delivered in a wide range of different formats from keynotes, demos, roundtables and hands-on-labs. The different ways of focusing on the technology will be relevant for so many different profiles working in IT. There will content tailored for the C-level audience and other sessions will be more specialized and have a deeper technical slant, which will appeal to the most technical audience within the community. There will be a wide variety of sessions and other programs, at the times that work for you. The digital format will enable you to attend more and hear inspirational content that might not have been possible previously.

Mikael Markkula, Country Manager, Finland adds “We’re at an exciting point in time technologically speaking right now. Forbes wrote an article about us, on how our software touches every element of modern IT architecture. I could not agree more, and I want to add that we will be building on top of the big announcements from last year and show how we’re continuing to execute on our strategy”.

Lars-Bo Klausen, Country Manager, Denmark shares this insight. “Even though it’s a digital event, all the local VMware teams will be present (virtually) to engage and interact with customers and partners during the conference. In Denmark and all of the Nordic countries we are very fortunate to have a very strong and engaging tech community.” There will be some local initiatives to engage via roundtables and other virtual sessions during and after VMworld, and depending on the local situation some partners will host follow up events after VMworld to make sure we cover all questions and feedback and also to give attendees the full experience of VMworld.

WFH Experts - knowledge Exchange at VMworld
We’re all experts in working from home by now and we all have a new approach to our work-life and this will also apply for education and new knowledge.

“The digital event will have a ‘follow the sun’ approach which means you can join VMworld all day and all night if you want.” shares Marie Berner Moberg. The digital event will have more than 500+ sessions which you can watch on-demand, including business-level overviews and technical deep dive sessions. Attendees will be able to have access to the content for a longer period of time which makes it possible to re-watch important parts of, or more complex parts of the sessions numerous times.

“When we talk to our customers and partners during and after VMworld they usually also mention networking and knowledge exchange to be a big part of the experience.” says Lars-Bo Klausen and shares his thoughts about the big focus this year to make sure local attendees will not miss out on important content. “We at VMware will also miss engaging and interacting with both partners and customers and we will make sure our digital approach will not be an obstacle to have important knowledge exchange between our partners and customers.”

We’re looking forward to seeing you join us for our Follow-the-Sun Digital conference. You can read more and register for free here www.vmworld.com.