VMware Blockchain is a secure, scalable and energy efficient blockchain service with support for leading execution environments such as EVM and DAML. VMware Blockchain allows deployments in leading public clouds, your own VMware-based private cloud, and in hybrid setups.

VMware Blockchain: An enterprise-grade decentralised trust platform


PoC to production, audit/compliance, green


You need an enterprise-grade platform to move from PoC to production. Your business needs include audit and compliance. You need a blockchain platform that will not waste all your energy and CPU time or increase your carbon footprint dramatically. You need a blockchain platform that allows you to deploy anywhere and integrate with other consortium members.


Secure, easy to use and deploy, robust day 2 operations, multi-cloud flexibility


You need a platform (aaS) that lets you trust and verify the integrity of your digital transactions. Our vision is to give you fault tolerance, energy efficiency, security, audit, and compliance in "any cloud", public or private. You expect comprehensive fleet management capabilities that are easy to use. You expect integration with other VMware products and your existing tools for unparalleled IT operations support.


Multi-language, performance, scalability


Speed your time for development by leveraging tools and skills from the key blockchain ecosystems - Ethereum, DAML, and HyperLedger. VMware Blockchain Service is powered by Project Concord, an open-source engine that offers performance, scale and time-to-finality required by even the most demanding blockchain applications.

What VMware Blockchain Does 

Provides Enterprise Grade Decentralized Trust

Our engineering and research teams work to ensure that you get the scale, throughput, and security that your enterprises demand. Scale to thousands of nodes with enough throughput to meet the demands of the largest blockchain workloads. With the ability to deploy participating nodes in many different public clouds as well as private clouds in a hybrid setting, VMware Blockchain gives you the ability to deploy in a truly decentralized state.

Provides Robust Day 2 Operations

Deploying a blockchain for the first time is automated with the fleet management features in VMware Blockchain. After your network is deployed, how do you manage that environment and adhere to all the regulations that enterprises face every day? VMware Blockchain has several tools to allow HA, DR, logging, alerting, rolling upgrades, auditing, data management, and many other enterprise features that you need to truly run in a production environment.

Allows for Different Execution Engines

A cutting edge replicated state machine persists data on the participating nodes in the network. Atop this core blockchain environment sits an abstracted execution framework which allows for multiple different execution engines to run including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML), and Hyperledger code. Around the Apache 2 licensed open-source core is a collection of enterprise features that make-up the commercial VMware Blockchain software.

Is Developer Friendly

By abstracting the core blockchain from the execution framework, VMware Blockchain allows you to run many of the leading execution and smart contract environments natively on the platform. Choice of programming language gives you the freedom to experiment and an easy migration path from less capable blockchain platforms. VMware Blockchain also has open and public APIs with excellent documentation and sample code which allows it to be integrated with any other systems that you might have.


Scalable Byzantine Fault-Tolerance

VMware Blockchain has a highly scalable byzantine fault tolerant consensus engine at its core with security being a critical element.

Ethereum Support

Full support for running Ethereum Virtual Machine contracts on VMware Blockchain.

Smart Contract CI/CD

Know what smart contracts are actually executing on the chain along with full version control and introspection.

DAML Support

Full support for running Digital Asset DAML code on VMware Blockchain.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

VMware Blockchain deploys in leading public clouds, private VMware-based clouds, and in hybrid deployments between multiple cloud locations.

Energy Efficient

With a byzantine consensus algorithm at the core you don’t need to spend money on expensive GPUs and the associated energy for Proof of Work systems.