EVO:RAIL combines compute, network, storage and management into a hyperconverged infrastructure appliance to deliver a smart, cost efficient, resilient all-in-one solution.


Introducing VMware EVO:RAIL

EVO:RAIL is everything you need for a software-defined data center in a 2U chassis.


The EVO:RAIL hyperconverged infrastructure appliance is an all-in-one solution for all your virtualized workloads.

Try the EVO:RAIL Hands-on Virtual Lab

Get EVO:RAIL up and running on your browser in minutes with no installation required. 


Customers Benefit from EVO:RAIL in Numerous Ways

Hear from three current customers on how VMware EVO:RAIL is helping them streamline and scale their virtual environments. 


Introduction to EVO:RAIL: ebook

Learn how EVO:RAIL helps IT professionals solve their business needs by simplifying data center operations, lowering costs, and reducing risk. 


El Dorado County Using EVO:RAIL as a Disaster Recovery Device

Deployment, configuration and management tasks are streamlined, allowing users to configure and deploy VMs in minutes.


Radically Simplify IT Infrastructure

Meet accelerating business demands by simplifying IT infrastructure design, management and maintenance. Double your infrastructure in minutes when you need more capacity.

SDDC building block

Consolidating compute, networking and storage resources into a single appliance ensures consistent performance and allows simplified, scalable virtualized infrastructure.

Streamlined data center operations

EVO:RAIL orchestrates the day to day operations from creation and protection of VMs, to non-disruptive updates and maintenance for no application downtime.

Linear and automated scale-out

Increase compute, networking and storage resources by powering up a new appliance to join an existing EVO:RAIL cluster. EVO:RAIL automatically distributes the configuration to seamlessly add new appliances with zero additional configuration.

Single pane of glass

Administrators can manage the EVO:RAIL cluster, appliance and VM lifecycle from the same unified HTML 5 User Interface. Advanced users can continue to leverage the well-know vSphere web client for precise tuning.


Built on the proven technology of VMware vSphere and vSAN, EVO:RAIL delivers high performance with consistent and fast response times.

Architecture built within the hypervisor

Virtual SAN is embedded into the vSphere kernel and thus provides the shortest I/O data path, optimizing performance with the least impact on CPU.

Server-side caching

VM performance is improved and storage latencies are minimized by caching and accelerating read/write disk I/O traffic, leveraging enterprise-grade server-side flash.

Resiliency and Security

EVO:RAIL is designed to provide hardware and software resiliency and security for all workloads in an easy to consume appliance.

High availability

EVO:RAIL leverages enterprise grade VMware vSphere HA, vMotion, DRS and Virtual SAN to ensure high availability at both the compute and storage layers.

No planned or unplanned downtime

Four independent ESXi hosts allow applications to non-disruptively move to another host during planned maintenance or failure. Only the dual, redundant power supplies are shared in the appliance. Each host has dual 10 GbE network connections for redundant network connectivity.

Built-in security policies

Administrators can secure their Virtual Machines in a single click.

Interoperable with VMware stack

EVO:RAIL is fully compatible with the entire VMware portfolio such as vSphere Replication, VMware vRealize Suite, VMware NSX , VMware Horizon and vCloud Air.

Cost Efficiency

EVO:RAIL combines advanced automation of the VM lifecycle (deployment, configuration, and management) in a very dense form factor (4 server nodes in a 2U chassis) to maximize cost efficiencies.

True appliance

EVO:RAIL is ready to be configured with networking details for rapid deployment, eliminating the need to piece a solution together, then validate and certify hardware configurations, loading software, and running scripts. A consistent experience eliminates the variation and configuration drift associated with ordering traditional systems.

Lower CapEx and OpEx

Reduce capital expenditures through a server platform with server side storage that is optimized for the EVO:RAIL software stack, so you can pay as you grow. Reduce IT operating costs with faster deployments, automatic scaling, and one click non-disruptive updates.


Hardware (per Appliance)


  • 8 x Intel E5 Processors, Ivy Bridge or Haswell (48, 64, 80, 96, or 144 cores)


  • 512, 768, 1024, 1536, or 2048 GB


  • 16 or 27.2 TB Hybrid Storage (HDD/SSD)


  • 8 x 10 GbE NIC port (copper or fiber)4 x 1 GbE for BMC port

Software (per Appliance)

  • EVO:RAIL engine
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • vSAN
  • vCenter Server        
  • vRealize Log Insight


VMware EVO:RAIL is delivered through VMware Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEPs) as a complete hyperconverged infrastructure appliance solution including hardware, software and support.

VMware EVO:RAIL can be purchased either as an all-in-one solution or through the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program.     


All-in-One Solution – Choose Your Preferred Partner

VMware EVO:RAIL can be purchased either through VMware Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEP’s) or through selected VMware EVO:RAIL channel partners as a complete hyperconverged infrastructure appliance solution.


  • Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEP’s): Purchase EVO:RAIL appliance hardware and software as single SKU from your preferred QEP. QEP’s offer single point of support for EVO:RAIL and may also offer value added services, software and other capabilities.  Qualified EVO:RAIL partners include Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, SuperMicro, NetOne, and Inspur.
  • VMware delivers the EVO:RAIL software bundle and specific instructions for building the hyperconverged appliance to qualified partners. The EVO:RAIL partners source the hardware, build the appliance, sell to customers, and provide hardware and software support. Customers can choose their preferred partner. Product availability varies by countries. Please contact your local VMware partners for details.

vSphere Loyalty Program 

If you are an existing vSphere customer, you can apply your vSphere licenses towards the purchase of EVO:RAIL appliances. This lets you preserve your existing investment in VMware software while reducing the overall cost of an EVO:RAIL appliance purchase.