Hyper-converged Infrastructure for Federal Government


The Federal Government faces daunting challenges: agencies are required by law to serve an ever-growing body of constituents, and agencies are deploying IT globally. In addition, mandates require the adoption of new applications and infrastructure, which IT leaders need to integrate with current systems. The entire system needs to be secure, as cyber-attacks become more common and sophisticated. Finally, departments have to complete their mission while staying within budget.


HCI powered by vSAN can help by centralizing management, securing data with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption and powering a digital foundation from branch to core to cloud.


VMware protects your existing SAN/NAS storage investments by allowing you to uniquely augment traditional storage with VMware vSAN to create a powerful HCI solution with multiple storage tiers and to increase operational efficiencies across those storage systems. VMware Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) extends from HCI to SAN to simplify storage operations, dynamically adjust service levels, and improve resource utilization through the familiar vSphere Client.


iGov uses vSAN to deliver an innovative, portable tactical network solution.


“We almost fell out of our chairs when we saw the performance from this tiny little server running vSAN. It was staggering. The numbers we got were just unbelievable.”

Tom Lynott, Software Engineering Manager

A government agency consolidates remote sites and saves taxpayers money.


“You just pick up another server and add some drives. This is going to fit our environment perfectly, especially as we start providing private cloud services. When we need to add compute of storage capacity, it will be easy to do.”

IT Director


VMware powered hyper-converged infrastructure enables you to evolve without risk, reduce TCO, and scale to tomorrow. Here’s how:

Evolve Without Risk

  • Extend vSphere to Storage
  • Deploy native HCI encryption
  • Protect existing investments

Reduce TCO

  • Use affordable x86 servers
  • Reduce storage operations
  • Accelerate IT responsiveness

Scale to Tomorrow

  • Deploy cutting-edge technologies
  • Run any application or container
  • Extend to VMware Cloud on AWS

Top Use Cases for Federal Government vSAN Customers


vSAN powers ruggedized IT equipment from top companies such as iGov and Klas Telecom. vSAN secures data with the industry’s first FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for data-at-rest, and enables IT to manage equipment centrally, allowing Service Members and First Responders to stay in the field.


Government mandates require the use of VDI, and vSAN delivers high performance while keeping your agency in a budget. vSAN enables IT to deliver desktop services to end users by running virtual machines on consolidated clusters in the data center. 

Branch Offices

Agencies have thousands of offices across the globe. vSAN enables you to manage your branches with little to no IT staff. vSAN provides a simple, cost effective, scalable solution that can be centrally managed from the main data center. vSAN has unique, flexible licensing for branch offices, keeping you within budget.