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Today’s employees are demanding more choice about the devices they use for work. IT leaders need to be able to manage existing desktop-based end-user devices while also embracing the shift to smartphones, tablets and other connected smart devices. IT leaders are looking at ways to shift away from setting policies on individual devices to implementing identity- and location-based controls.


Let VMware help you serve your business and customers better by changing the way your workforce uses technology. Team up with our experts to develop an application delivery strategy that puts applications into the hands of your staff across a range of devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Apple. Delivering applications to any device, anywhere gives your employees options while still retaining the control that IT needs to maintain security and compliance.

Empower the Digital Workspace Solution Overview

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Workspace ONE Professional Services 

Workspace ONE provides an enterprise platform for your business to manage apps across devices by integrating identity, application and enterprise mobility management. Workspace ONE Professional Services will deploy a highly available, production-ready instance of Workspace ONE on-premises or hosted in the cloud., integrated with your environment. Your employees can access their applications via a portal, which also provides IT with the tools to manage the devices and apps through policy-based controls.


Workspace ONE services can help you:

  • Plan for a production-ready, highly available deployment of Workspace ONE.
  • Deploy an on-premises deployment or integrate with the cloud-hosted Workspace ONE service.
  • Configure device and security policies.
  • Deploy secure email for managed devices.
  • Conduct a guided rollout to empower your IT teams to operate Workspace ONE to enable your IT teams in operating Workspace ONE.

Virtual Desktop and Application Infrastructure Professional Services 

Windows-based applications continue to be the workhorse of many enterprises, but your users don’t always have to use Windows to access an application. Virtual Desktop and Application Infrastructure Professional Services can provide a detailed assessment, strategy, design and implementation of your desktop and application delivery methods.


With a combination of virtual desktops and hosted applications, your business can deliver the right application experience to your employees from any device, anywhere, while maintaining complete control over the data.


Virtual Desktop and Application Services can help you:

  • Assess your current environment to determine who uses which applications.
  • Develop a strategy for delivering the right experience to each user community.
  • Build a design that balances usability and security based on your business requirements.
  • Deploy a zero-trust desktop model for maximum security over your data.
  • Execute a pilot deployment that gives your teams the operational knowledge they need to manage their environment.

Services to Move to Cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service 

With so many applications being hosted in the cloud, many businesses are choosing to move their desktops to the cloud as well. VMware Professional Services can provide support at any stage of your cloud journey, from setting up a small environment for a particular project to a full production integration with your environment.


Desktop-as-a-Service services can help you:

  • Set up your Desktop-as-a-Service environment.
  • Integrate with your Active Directory and applications for seamless employee access.
  • Determine the best way to manage profiles for your users in the cloud.
  • Share knowledge for managing Desktop-as-a-Service environments.

Citrix XenApp to Horizon Migration Professional Services 

Many organizations that wish to build a modern, digital workspace will need to migrate from their existing legacy Citrix XenApp platforms. Simplify this process with VMware’s Citrix XenApp to Horizon Migration Service.


Citrix to Horizon Migration services can help you:

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of your current application usage and infrastructure.
  • Develop a strategy to utilize the best technology to deliver the right experience to each user community within your organization
  • Develop a design that balances usability and security based on the requirements of your business
  • Implement appropriate migration frameworks and tools that increase deployment velocity while lowering risk.
  • Deliver a pilot implementation to give your teams the operational knowledge they need to migrate from Citrix XenApp to Horizon.

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