Accelerate the Adoption and Deployment of Cloud

Forward-looking IT organizations are using the cloud to accelerate their transformations to service-provider models and improve alignment with the business. VMware solutions enable your IT organization to confidently integrate clouds to scale and extend your business.

Integrate Public Clouds Solution Overview

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Think Beyond Technology When Transforming for Cloud 

To harness cloud’s many benefits, including lower software-defined infrastructure costs and greater speed and control of IT-service delivery, you need to focus on more than just technology.


VMware Professional Services builds some of the largest, most successful private and hybrid clouds in the world. We understand the challenges and opportunities cloud presents to your people, processes and technology. We use this insight to help you achieve your business and IT goals, while measuring our progress at every cloud-transformation milestone.


A Strategy for Flexibility, Speed and Control

  • Deliver applications across public and private clouds. Avoid resource leakage and respond to service requests more quickly.
  • Govern cloud-service consumption. Improve your cloud-service cost control, management and onboarding process for dashboards and content.
  • Track assets and configurations. Introduce process governance to avoid resource sprawl and enhance your existing configuration management and infrastructure.
  • Generate metrics for specific services. Create service-level dashboards to improve individual service management and governance.

Organizational Planning for the Cloud 

Too often, companies overlook the organizational impact of moving to the cloud. A successful cloud transformation requires careful consideration of its effect on your organization and people.


Prepare Your People for Success

  • Evolve your IT organizational structure and roles.
  • Align IT processes with your new cloud model.
  • Make sure your teams have the right skills for a cloud world.

Partner with VMware Professional Services for Your Cloud Transformation 

VMware Professional Services can help you plan and execute a successful cloud transformation. We take a comprehensive and phased approach that considers your people, processes and technology. And we design a cloud strategy based on the ideal mix of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms to meet your business goals.


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