Technical Account Managers combine deep expertise with insights from thousands of successful implementations to provide unparalleled value to your business.

VMware Dedicated Technical Account Manager 

VMware Dedicated Technical Account Managers work with you on a daily basis, across your entire enterprise, to help set strategic direction, continually improve operations and processes and coordinate across globally complex organizations. Dedicated TAMs:

  • Tackle complex architectures and manage major transformational initiatives.
  • Streamline efficient execution of VMware strategies and plan enterprise-wide with disciplined strategic planning, management and oversight.
  • Advance adoption of VMware solutions across regional and global teams by creating a well-communicated plan, encouraging enterprise-wide collaboration and providing frequent assessments and reporting of results against common goals.

The Dedicated TAM is available 5 days a week over a 12-month period.

Technology Account Managers Blog

Learn firsthand from our TAMs as they share their best practices and technical insights drawn from customer engagements.

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VMware Enterprise Technical Account Manager 

VMware Enterprise TAMs help you manage the growth of your environment and identify opportunities for best leveraging VMware’s technology across multiple lines of business. Enterprise TAMs methodically plan and oversee improvements backed by VMware solutions. Enterprise TAMs:

  • Improve your operational efficiency by proactively managing and reporting progress against plans and coordinating access to VMware product experts.
  • Reduce costs and improve cost management with regular TCO and ROI assessments and a prescriptive roadmap to maximize ROI on your VMware investment.
  • Help grow the knowledge base of your team through information sessions and formal team training.

The VMware Enterprise TAM is available 2 ½ days a week over a 12-month period.


Improving customer satisfaction and Reducing Costs

Jason Puig, Senior Manager of Cloud Services, Global Symantec Lab shares how VMware TAM Services provided partner collaboration to provide improved tools.

VMware Technical Account Manager 

VMware Technical Account Managers provide unrivaled product knowledge and proven skills to help you streamline deployment and improve operations of your VMware platform. Backed by the resources of the entire VMware organization and armed with best practices, TAMs work with you to minimize operational risks. TAMs:

  • Help you to avoid common pitfalls by leveraging lessons learned from thousands of VMware implementations.
  • Are the single point of contact for your technology-related questions and coordination of issue management and problem resolution.
  • Reduce costs and maximize the return on your investment by correctly applying automation and standardization across your VMware environment.

The VMware TAM is available 1 day a week over a 12-month period.


Accelerate business breakthroughs

Eric Haas, Enterprise Virtualization Architect  from State of Michigan shares his insights into how VMware TAM Services aided his team in building an award winning virtualization data center.

VMware Virtual Technical Account Manager

The VMware Virtual Technical Account Manager (VTAM) Service provides smaller IT organizations with a go-to VMware expert who helps ensure that VMware investments deliver ongoing value:

  • Focused on achieving your IT outcomes
  • Helps you transition your IT operations from reactive to proactive
  • Supports your team in maintaining a stable, operationally efficient VMware environment
  • Enables smooth transitions to new VMware technologies

VMware Technical Account Specialist

The VMware Technical Account Specialist provides expert advice and insider access to additional VMware expertise as necessary, within a specific solution space to help customers get the most value from their solution investment. Currently, there are three TAS specialist areas: NSX, Digital Workspace and vSAN. TASs:

  • Provide technology-specific expertise
  • Support problem resolution management for issues related to design and planning
  • Provide design and implementation research that includes best practice recommendations
  • Deliver access to VMware experts and tools to help optimize the performance of your implementation