Digital Government Transformation

Modernize federal IT infrastructure with a data center that is software-defined, virtualized, and centralized, giving you the availability, scalability, and operational efficiency needed to power today’s dynamic missions and constituents across on-premises, private, and public cloud infrastructure.


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Transition to a Digital Government

Modernize Government Data Centers and Scale Out to Public Cloud

Ensure you have the agility to meet dynamic mission requirements. Replace legacy environments with consistent, secure and programmable IT infrastructure and use a common infrastructure to support data center consolidation, application migration, disaster recovery and IT service delivery goals.

Speed the Delivery of IT Capacity and Services

Speed the deployment of IT capacity to remote locations and while removing operational bottlenecks and standardizing the delivery and ongoing management of IT infrastructure and services across on-premises and cloud environments.

Accelerate government service delivery with next-generation apps

Achieve a modern, flexible approach to application development and delivery through container and microservice-based architectures for faster, more frequent development.

VMware Helps Cubic Build Smaller, Lighter, Military-Grade Products 

With VMware, Cubic reduced equipment weight by 91%, and helped warfighters deploy systems 4 times faster while meeting the defense industry’s strict security requirements.


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Improve Government Workflows

Ensure you can enhance mission delivery and productivity.

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Strengthen Government Cybersecurity

Ensure you can continually defend against cyber threats.

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