Transform to a Digital Government with VMware

Modernize Data Centers

  • Build an agile, service-oriented data center that is hybrid-cloud ready.
  • Reduce data center footprint, hardware, and operating costs.
  • Enable shared services models across agencies and departments.
  • Support cloud-native architectures and development platforms while maintaining support for legacy applications.
  • Increase efficiency, and improve IT service levels with faster, on-demand delivery of resources.
  • Lower capital investments and OpEx using VMware SDDC technology.

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Speed Delivery of Mission Capabilities and Citizen Services through Automation

  • Standardize the delivery and ongoing management of IT infrastructure and services across on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Improve application consistency, reliability, and quality.
  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes and operational bottlenecks.
  • Apply security policies during provisioning that automatically follow workloads and continuously monitor for compliance.

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Accelerate Cloud-Native App Development

  • Enable container and microservice-based architectures for faster, more frequent development.
  • Simplify deployment and operation of Kubernetes clusters and run containers at scale on vSphere.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure, tooling, policies, and processes for containerized and cloud-native applications.
  • Increase developer productivity and accelerate time to market.

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Respond Quickly to Changing Mission Requirements with Capacity On Demand

  • Meet changing mission needs (e.g., spikes in demand) and new use cases (e.g., application migration, Dev/Test) with infrastructure that seamlessly extends and scales to public cloud.
  • Enable cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Reduce complexity by moving workloads between clouds using consistent infrastructure and management tools.

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