Discovering the Customer Journey 

By Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Solutions, VMware

Each week, VMware invites executives from some of the world's largest enterprises to the newly built Discovery Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. In the Immersion Room, they can don a VR headset and walk through visualizations of concepts such as virtualized data centers, or put their hands on the latest edge and end-point computing devices.

Along with the hands-on demonstrations, business leaders get to spend from 4 hours to 4 days with our subject matter specialists, learning how VMware can be a critical technology and business partner that will not only help them meet current challenges but also transform their companies for the digital age.


On the Possibilities Wall, floor-to-ceiling touchscreens dive deep into the real-world solutions VMware has enabled for customers across nearly every major industry, from healthcare and finance to telecommunications and manufacturing.


They can dive deep into the intricacies of network function virtualization, hybrid cloud technology, and digital workspaces, while learning how emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G wireless will impact their industries and the world at large.

Muney Minhazuddin

“We envision this Discovery Center as a forum where our customers, our partners and VMW engineers all over the world can come together to share ideas and collaborate on innovations that matter," says our CEO, Pat Gelsinger.


For many organizations, this is where their digital transformation journey begins. But no two journeys are exactly the same, because the challenges and opportunities in each industry are often quite different. Our teams are made of talented individuals from a myriad of verticals that bring their insights and real-world experiences to the table.


Healthcare faces an enormous challenge both managing and securing vast amounts of data generated by electronic medical records and IoT devices. At the same time, medical professionals have a tremendous opportunity to apply predictive analytics to that data and use it to improve patient outcomes.


Financial services firms need to adapt to a mobile-first world, despite the fact that most of their data still resides on banks of aging mainframes. But thanks to fast 5G networks and the cloud, they can offer mobile services like contact-less payments or real-time processing of insurance claims that simply weren't possible before.


Manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to cut costs and bring products to market faster. But by using instrumentation and analytics, they can create 'digital blueprints' of factories that allow them to maintain quality, manage process change, and standardize procedures across all their facilities.


The insatiable demand for bandwidth means that telecommunications firms must spend heavily building out their 5G networks. By taking advantage of software-defined data centers and edge computing, however, they can quickly to scale to meet surges in demand and offer new consumer-centric services without over-investing in infrastructure.


Because cloud and mobile technologies enable learning everywhere, educators must change how and where and how they impart 21st-century skills. Educational institutions need to provide differentiated knowledge to students across a wide range of devices and delivery methods.


More than ever, state, local, and national governments must enhance their security measures to protect critical data from external attack. In addition, they need to define policies and regulations that will enable businesses and organizations to protect the data of their own customers and members.


Despite the differences between industries, however, common themes emerge. All of the players in these sectors are trying to unlock more value from the products and services they provide. All are under increasing pressure to improve their agility and drive innovation while containing cost and managing risk. And all are trying to expand their base while beating back challenges from disruptive upstarts and other external forces.


How each enterprise manages this delicate balancing act, and the solutions it employs to do it, will vary. When you visit the Discovery Center, VMware's experts can help fine-tune your technology vision and guide you through this journey. By the time you leave, you will know the precise steps you need to take.


But while technology is the great enabler, Digital Transformation ultimately begins and ends with people, both within your organization and outside of it.


CEOs and COOs need to become more tech savvy; CIOs and other IT leaders need to align their technology decisions with the larger goals of the enterprise. Both need to listen intently to the voice of the customer. By opening your mind to the possibilities, VMware can help transform your business and give you an edge over their competition.


These are things we live and breathe each day. We invite you to come explore the future with us.

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