Key Questions to Help You Decide How to Deploy


Will you deploy in the public cloud or on-premises? Centralized or at regional offices? vSAN ReadyNodes are a flexible and industry-leading self-managed option for private cloud. Edge ReadyNodes are designed for remote locations. For a simplified and standardized footprint across multiple locations, consider an HCI appliance.


Are you satisfied with existing vendors or interested in working with new ones? We maintain partnerships and integrations with all major vendors, giving you ample choices.

Use Cases

Will HCI support virtual desktops or Mission-critical applications? Will you need enhanced storage or a high-performance configuration? vSAN ReadyNodes are highly configurable, ready to handle any workload.

Ongoing Management

Will you manage a solution on your own, or seek a partner-managed solution? You can choose whichever route is best for you. Do you prioritize simplified management and operations? For speed of deployment, flexibility, and less time managing infrastructure, explore as-a-service public cloud options. For private cloud, an HCI appliance can also greatly simplify ongoing management.

Self-Managed Deployment Options

Choose a self-managed solution for private cloud deployments and the flexibility to manage and operate everything on your own.

The Only Turnkey Solution Jointly Engineered with VMware

Simplify IT operations and reduce risk when you choose one of the fastest ways to adopt and maintain hyperconverged infrastructure. This is the only HCI appliance with full VMware integration, jointly engineered with Dell EMC VxRail to deliver highly automated operations and seamless deployment. 

View Dell EMC VxRail Capabilities

Accelerate Your Journey to HCI with Global Partner Appliances

Self-Managed Deployment Options

Out-of-the-Box Performance with vSAN ReadyNodes

Choose from 500+ pre-configured, tested, and certified x86 systems from across major OEM partners. All are certified to run vSAN out of the box, making this one of the most popular HCI approaches for private cloud deployments.

Select a vSAN ReadyNode

Build Your Own vSAN ReadyNode

Edge ReadyNodes

Need local, enterprise-grade storage and compute in a small, rugged package for simpler transportation? Edge ReadyNodes package vSAN into the size of an airline carry-on, making them ideal for military, maritime, and other remote applications.


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More Self-Managed Options from Our Partners

HCI-as-a-Service Deployment Options

Choose an as-a-service option to extend to public cloud for faster speed of deployment and less time spent managing infrastructure.

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Combine familiar VMware technologies with AWS, the world’s leading public cloud, for a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud experience. Respond quickly to changing business demands with the elastic infrastructure of AWS and enterprise capabilities of VMware.

VMware Cloud on AWS is the only hybrid cloud solution that allows you to modernize, protect, and scale vSphere-based applications leveraging AWS.

Explore VMware Cloud on AWS

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

More as-a-Service Options

Microsoft Azure

Find services delivered by Microsoft, run on Azure infrastructure, and verified by VMware.

Explore Azure Joint Solutions 

Google Cloud

Build on an open platform through the VMware and Google Cloud partnership.

Explore Google Cloud Joint Solutions 

IBM Cloud

Modernize and migrate VMware workloads with IBM Cloud.

Explore IBM Joint Solutions 

Oracle Cloud

Migrate VMware to the cloud without re-architecture or modifications.

Explore Oracle Joint Solutions 

On-Premises IaaS Options 

Choose infrastructure-as-a-service for both private and public cloud deployments, delivered to your on-premises data center and edge locations.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Combine the agility and simplicity of public cloud with on-premises infrastructure delivered as-a-service for security and control.

More About VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation

Build a consistent hybrid cloud experience with this fully automated solution that reduces complexity and cost.

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Technical Resources for HCI Deployment 

vSAN technical documents

Reference Architectures

Dive into vSAN technical documents for applications from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and more.

Design and Sizing Guide

Design and Sizing Guide

Jump to StorageHub for an overview of vSAN design considerations for your network, storage, host, and more.

The Next Step on Your Journey to Hybrid Cloud

Discover VMware Cloud Foundation

Accelerate your path to hybrid cloud with VMware's integrated platform, which includes full-stack, software-defined infrastructure (compute, storage, networking and security) with automated lifecycle management from day 0 to day 2. You'll be on your way to an enterprise-grade private cloud that’s fully extensible to hundreds of public clouds for a true hybrid cloud architecture.

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The Next Step on Your Journey to Hybrid Cloud