How to Buy VMware IT Benchmarking

Gain critical insight into how your costs stack up against your peers with VMware IT Benchmarking. Identify where you are doing well and where opportunities lie to improve across 18 towers, 20 industries and 4 geographies. VMware’s automated approach to benchmarking accelerates access to the insights you need to drive the right IT investment, align with enterprise goals and run IT more like a business. IT Benchmarking is available within the VMware vRealize Business and via services engagements with VMware and select partners.

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  • VMware IT Benchmark Tower
  • VMware IT Benchmark Starter Kit
  • VMware IT Benchmark Basic — for VMware Partners
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IT Benchmark Offerings for the Enterprise
  Benchmark Starter Kit Benchmark Tower
  Benchmark Starter Kit Benchmark Tower
IT Benchmark metrics Pick 30 ~200 to 400+
Benchmark towers Pick 3 from 16 Pick 1 from 18
2 Quality survey towers
(end user and business unit)
N/A Available
Industry peer comparisons Yes Yes
Functional peer comparisons Yes Yes
Report with executive summary
-Area of operational excellence
-Areas with opportunities to improve
Covers 30 metrics if full tower data supplied otherwise just industry and peer numbers Yes
Extract report in .xls
(Includes peer and industry metrics,
top and bottom quartiles, database averages)
Yes – for 30 metrics Yes
Timeframe Weeks* Weeks*

*Automated nature means timeframe is dictated by time required for client to collect data