Virtualizing Enterprise Java Applications

Moving your Enterprise Java applications to virtualized x86 platforms gives you better utilization of resources with easier lifecycle and scalability management. Adding new instances of application servers or updating to a newer version of an application is simply faster when the Java process is in a virtual rather than a physical machine.      


Virtualizing Enterprise Java Applications with VMware

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Enterprise Java Applications on vSphere Best Practices

This Guide provides information about best practices for deploying enterprise Java applications on VMware.

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Performance Brief for IBM WebSphere Application Server

This paper provides assistance to solution architects for configuring IBM WebSphere Application Server on VMware.

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What Virtualizing Java with VMware Does

Virtualize Java Applications Without Sacrificing Performance

VMware provides maximum scalability and performance for Enterprise Java applications. Advances in software and hardware virtualization techniques have practically eliminated earlier performance concerns.

Virtualize Your Java Application on Your Current Application Server

With vSphere, you don't have to switch application servers to virtualize your enterprise Java applications. Customers are successfully using vSphere today to host virtual machines containing IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and RedHat JBoss.

Improve Application Lifecycle Management

Virtualization allows you to patch and provision applications in minutes and eliminate the delays you incurred with using dedicated hardware.

Ensure the Performance of Virtualized Applications 

Enterprise Java applications are often deployed on many physical systems in the traditional data center. In production environments, there is very rarely one “central instance” of an application, but rather a cluster of servers supporting that application. Managing these dispersed physical application replicas can be time consuming and challenging. Virtualizing these applications means managing fewer physical systems while maintaining the performance and increasing the reliability of the applications.

Technical Study

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group’s Deployment of WebSphere Application Server on VMware ESX

IT Resources for Virtualizing Java with VMware


Apache Tomcat on vSphere

SonicWALL looked to virtualization as a solution to address server sprawl.

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IBM WebSphere on vSphere

Oracle WebLogic on vSphere