Developer Support for SpringSource

Assistance with SpringSource application development.

Assistance with SpringSource Application Development 

  • Support for application development phase
  • Unlimited number of support requests
  • Remote support

Developer Support provides you with assistance during the development phase of applications. VMware will provide guidance on the use of the SpringSource software and will answer “how-to” questions on the use of the software. Developer Support also includes assistance with application configuration. VMware will provide assistance with performance tuning unless application code review is required to accomplish such assistance. Developer Support does not include support for the application itself.

Developer Support
Feature Hours of Operation
Developer Support 12 Hours/Day
Feature Length of Service
Developer Support 1 Year
Feature Product Updates
Developer Support No
Feature Product Upgrades
Developer Support No
Feature Products Supported
Developer Support SpringSource Software:
  • SpringSource tc Server
  • SpringSource Server products
  • SpringSource Enterprise
  • Hyperic HQ EE
  • Apache Projects (Tomcat, HTTPD, ActiveMQ, and other projects listed on the SpringSource Apache Support Page).
Feature Method of Access
Developer Support Telephone/Web*
Feature Response Method
Developer Support Telephone/Web*
Feature Remote Support
Developer Support Yes
Feature Max Number of Support Administrators per Contract
Developer Support 1 Named Contact
Feature Number of Support Requests
Developer Support Unlimited
Feature Target Response Times - All Severities
Developer Support 1 Business Day


*Hours of operation for Developer Support are from 6am to 6pm local time.

Additional Information

Purchase information can be found by dialing one of VMware's toll free numbers and choosing the Sales Option or contacting one of our resellers. Additional information about our support policies and offerings can be found in our Technical Support Guide.