The Charter

What is Future:NET?

Future:NET is not a think tank because it makes things happen. It’s not a forum because it’s closed to the public. It’s not an incubator because that’s just cruel. Future:NET is for anyone who has forecast, created or disseminated change. It’s for those lured by new technology and its ability to transform the world—and for anyone who enjoys collaborating with like minds.

Forward Doing

It’s the advantage of vantage—our heads are already in the clouds so flying the plane from here makes good sense. We believe in putting words to work. Forward thinking is great—we need forward doing.

Deconstruct / Reconstruct

Sometimes you have to tear things down in order to rebuild. Starting from scratch takes courage, but the people in the room understand that risk translates into massive rewards.

Debate to Understand

Controversy leads to opportunity. We believe debate is the best way to get there because understanding all implications is key to making the right decision. After all, the future of networking is at stake.

The Sessions

Engage in live debate with cross-industry technical experts, join lighting rounds with networking moguls, and help drive conversation as industry luminaries and pace-setting front runners connect the dots. Experience has its dividends.




    • 01

      The wizards of networking predict architectural shifts by 2030.

      Prediction or certainty? The wizards of networking engage in lightning rounds on the topics of network architecture relating to security, big data, and switching silicon. How will application platforms come into play? Containers? Going serverless? No tarot here, these are experts.

    • 02

      The keepers─who should control the keys?

      Network admins, security admins, and developers all carry sets of keys. But who should really hold the identity, network policy, and security policy keys to the kingdom? This group of tech leaders will get on their respective soapboxes and rationalize their stance, but ultimately you will decide the outcome in a live audience poll.

    • 03

      Networks should be simple, right? Let’s debate.

      No slides, they don’t belong in the ring. Let’s rumble over the topic of networking functions. Should they move into the server or server functions move into the network? Should cloud providers move on-prem? Software? Hardware? Who cares. You just want to buy SLAs. And what about the role of smart NICs? Make your case in a live Q&A--no holds barred, no punches pulled.

    • 04

      A point/counterpoint throw down.

      Contrasting points of view will lead to deep discussion over top of mind questions. Will service mesh trump virtual networking? What about analytics and visibility—man versus machine? The public cloud is becoming the private cloud. Or is it? There are two sides to every story. Don’t miss either of them in the point/counterpoint session.

    • 05

      Surviving the chaos–a deep dive on network operations.

      The internet was designed to keep running even after a nuclear attack, but now it can't survive when the lead network engineer goes out on PTO. AI Ops, chaos monkeys, distributed visibility, self-healing, roles & responsibilities, changing interactions, oh my. We should talk.


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