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Running containers is easy and solves a lot of problems for both operations and engineering, but making them talk to each other challenges the way we view networking today. Additionally, how do you deal with service discovery, load balancing, and overall address management? Learn about networking with containers running on Orchestrators such as Kubernetes and Mesos and how technologies like Istio, Envoy, Calico, and SnapRoute transforms the network from a monolithic “pet” to agile “cattle.”
Frans Van Rooyen
Infrastructure Architect at Adobe
Frans brings over 19 years of IT and consulting experience to his role at Adobe where he works as a Principal Architect, leading a team of infrastructure engineers to build out the next generation of private and public cloud platform for Adobe. He has a strong background in cloud architecture, virtualization, storage and networking. He has been primarily focused on Adobe’s container strategy working with technologies such as Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes. He has a passion for looking forward and leveraging technology in unique ways.


Event: future:net

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: August 30 - 31, 2017

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel