How Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Enterprise Strategy is Shaping the Future of Networking in Public Cloud

Most enterprises today are planning hybrid and/or multi-cloud deployments to mix and match best of breed applications and services, avoid cloud lock-in and achieve reliability. The reality of this hybrid and multi-cloud world is not only shaping the way Enterprises are deploying their workloads and services, but also the future of networking in public clouds. This session shines the spotlight on some of the shifts that have already happened and others that are underway. Examples of these include the shift from:
– Fixed-form factor appliances and services to software-defined everything
– Perimeter to pervasive security
– Islands of resources to seamless connectivity across clouds
– Workloads in the core to workloads at the edge (with the edge itself being a continuum)
– Infrastructure-defined to service-defined cloud (with everything-as-a-service as the holy grail)
– Lift-and-shift by Enterprises to a growing appetite for re-architecting and innovating across clouds

The talk also highlights the networking challenges that need to be addressed to build a smooth, seamless hybrid and multi-cloud world and the opportunities for innovation they present, both for public cloud providers as well as Enterprises.
Prajakta Joshi
Product Manager at Google
Prajakta Joshi is a product manager at Google where she drives the roadmap for several Cloud Networking products. Previously, Prajakta was Director of Product for ONOS, a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Control Plane Platform, which she helped productize and launch in open source. Prior to ONOS, she was Senior Engineering Manager at Brocade for its Application Delivery Product Line. She began her career as a software engineer, developing key technologies for Foundry Networks' ServerIron Load Balancer and Cisco's Carrier Routing System (CRS). Prajakta received her Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California and holds 8+ patents in the area of networking.