Open19 – The Data Center Edge Future is Now

The industry is going towards an explosion in connected devices that will require larger, more scalable, and reliable data center and mostly micro edge data centers. The Open19 community and technology is an open source initiative to solve that explosive need. The presentation will discuss the how, what and when for Open19.
Yuval Bachar
Principal Engineer, Data Center Architecture at Linkedin & President and Chairman of the Board at Open19 Foundation
Yuval Bachar is a principal engineer in the global infrastructure and strategy team for Linkedin, which is responsible for the company strategy for data center architecture and implementation of the mega scale future data centers. In this capacity, he drives and supports the new technology development, architecture, and collaboration to support the tremendous growth in LinkedIn’s future user-base, data centers, and services provided. Yuval Bachar is one of the founders and innovators of the Open19 project and he is the president of the Open19 Foundation, in this capacity Mr. Bachar is responsible for developing this new community and Open19 technology to support the Open19 Community.