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Traditionally, networks are composed of commercial off-the-shelf equipment purchased from traditional vendors. More recently, a number of hyperscale companies, including Facebook, have started building their own networking hardware and writing custom networking software.  Through open source software and efforts like the Open Compute Project, many of these “DIY” efforts are available for the public to use, eliminating much of the up front investment.  The result is a new “continuum” between these two extremes of “pure buy” versus “pure build” networks where individual companies can decide how much of their network to build in-house versus buy from traditional vendors.  This talk will enumerate several new points on this continuum, highlight their benefits and challenges using examples from Facebook and other past experiences, and describe some heuristics to help companies decide best practices in this new world.
Rob Sherwood
Software Engineer at Facebook
Rob works at Facebook on the FBOSS team, which produces the software that runs their production data center network. Additionally, Rob leads the network testing and open source efforts.  In previous lives, Rob has worked as the CTO of at the startup Big Switch Networks, Senior Research Scientist at Deutche Telekom Labs, and was a Visiting Researcher at Stanford's Clean Slate Labs.  Rob is an active contributor to open source projects such as FBOSS, Open Network Linux as well as the Open Compute Project. He was the former Chair of ONF’s Architecture & Framework Working Group as well as Vice-Chair of ONF’s Testing & Interoperability Working Group. Rob prototyped the first OpenFlow-based network hypervisor, the “FlowVisor”, allowing production and experimental traffic to safely co-exist on the same physical network and is involved in various efforts and partner and customer engagements. Rob holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Event: future:net

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: August 30 - 31, 2017

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel