Responsible Business, Resilient Future


At VMware, our worldview is that we are interconnected and interdependent on each other and the planet.  

With each innovation our business has brought to market, we have seen how even a single step forward can create a ripple effect that transforms an entire industry. We can and should apply this thinking to the challenges that our world faces today: a global pandemic, social injustice, financial instability and climate change.

We are all invariably connected. We can all decide to be part of the problem or be part of the solution. This moment is an opportunity to create systemic and scalable change.  That’s why we choose to be a force for good—with each action and across all our collective decisions. That’s how resilience is built, and today we need it more than ever.  

VMware's 2020 Vision

Transformative Products

Drive sustainable business practices and create innovative technology that contributes lasting net positive value to our customers and our partner ecosystem.

Thriving Planet

Do more than our fair share to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability in our global business practices and operations.

Empowered People

Build a diverse and inclusive environment that enriches lives at work, at home, and in the community—inspiring people to give more than they take.

Letters from Our Executive Team 


From Our CEO

We will look back on 2020 as a watershed moment; the year everything changed. It would have been impossible to comprehend the speed and scale of the multiple challenges before us today. From the global pandemic, continued systemic inequities, geopolitical uncertainty and cybersecurity, to the march of climate change with extreme weather events impacting our own employees and immediate communities, these tumultuous events have shown how deeply interconnected we are as humans.

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From Our CPO

Navigating complex organizations through moments of major transformation requires clear strategy balanced with humility and empathy. At VMware, we’ve endured challenges in the past and we are again called to navigate through disruption while innovating for the future.

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Our Response to Global Crises

Issue Responses

In the wake of a global pandemic, we’ve had to face just how interconnected we truly are: as a species, a society, and a global economy. We will be forever changed by this collective experience, and from it we will emerge with different perspectives on how we work, learn, care for each other and sustain community. 

VMware has the capabilities and is committed to helping customers across the globe enable their employees to work remotely, maintain productivity, increase connectivity, and provide for continuous, secure access to applications regardless of the endpoint..   

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Build Back Better: Turning Turmoil into a Lasting Transformation

As we navigate through month six of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re experiencing its impact on many levels – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. The sheer scale and reach of the pandemic creates paradoxes that we’re all wrestling to understand.

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We Are Citizen Philanthropists – Learning Through Service

Every waterfall begins with a single drop of water. That’s the idea behind VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving—VMware’s impact in the community is the result of the collective actions of VMware people.

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Modern Applications Are Helping Organizations Succeed During Pandemic, VMware Research Reveals

For years now, businesses have been on a mission to digitally transform themselves and their operations. This year’s global pandemic served as a barometer for the true state of that digital transformation. And the results, according to VMware’s “Successful Digital Transformation: Apps At The Ready” report are less dire than expected: only 2% of all respondents said digital transformation efforts have not been successful in any way.

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ESG Summary and Metrics

We enhance the trust of our stakeholders by transparently disclosing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and metrics. Our voluntary reporting is informed by the following frameworks: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). 

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