This document supplements both the VMware Privacy Policy located at (the "VMware Privacy Policy") and the data privacy and protection terms in any contract that you might have with VMware.

VMware respects the privacy of our customers and their end users. VMware has createdthis Privacy Supplement to help you to understand what personal information we receive and how that personal information is used. This Privacy Supplement applies to data collected by VMware, Inc. and VMware Global ("VMware") through VMware Horizon Workspace's service and software products (collectively, "Horizon Workspace").

Horizon Workspace is developed, marketed and supported by VMware, Inc. or its affiliates for use by enterprises or other legal organizations, for example your employer, ("Your Organization") and its individual representatives, employees, customers or other users, including you. When you use Horizon Workspace, your mobile device connects to Your Organization's systems and servers, which allow you to share data, including personal or confidential data with Your Organization. If you have any questions regarding how Your Organization treats your data, you should contact Your Organization, which may have already provided you with data privacy policies or notices answering some of your questions.

VMware does not control how Horizon Workspace interacts with your data. Your Organization controls what happens after your data is accessed, collected or stored by Horizon Workspace or Your Organization's servers, networks and databases. VMwareacts as a service provider to your organization, pursuant to a contract and instructions. Therefore, VMware cannot typically answer any questions as to how your personal data is treated.

As a general matter, VMware does not access, collect or store your data, with a few exceptions that depend on our contact with your organization, including the following two exceptions:

  • VMware may receive automatic usage reports to help monitor license / contract compliance. The reports may include user IDs or other personal identifiers, aggregated technical information and aggregated statistical information, including: a hashed version of your device's unique identification number, your device's manufacturer, information about your device's mobile carrier, how many users are tied to your organization's account and how many new users have been added since the last billing cycle.
  • VMware may receive access to personal data when your organization asks us to assist with technical support cases and, for example, sends us log files or customer support data. Systems logs from Android devices may contain information from both your personal and company workspace.

If you have further questions, please contact Your Organization or your IT administrator. Enterprise customers' system administrators may also contact their VMware account representative.

Additionally, as part of our ‘privacy by design’ program, we offer a few tips to users on how to protect your privacy in connection with using our products:

  • Even after partitioning personal and corporate workspaces, system logs sent or shared from Android devices may contain information from both the personal side and corporate workspaces. If you choose to send error logs, crash logs or system logs from yourAndroid Devices, Your Organization may get access to information relating to your personal workspace. Therefore, never use a mixed personal/corporate device for inappropriate or highly confidential personal activities.
  • Horizon Workspace allows you to share documents, files and data safely and securely in accordance with Your Organizations set policies. However, as with any online data sharing activities, when saving and sharing your files, you should be conscious of whom you allow to access, edit, download and share your files.
  • Except as described in this Privacy Supplement, Horizon Workspace does not access or collect your personal data. However, other applications and programs that are deployed in your workspace or on your device, including VMware applications independent of Horizon Workspace, may collect information (including personal information or device information) about you, your device and your use of Horizon Workspace. Information collected, used and transmitted by third party applications and services are governed by their own privacy policies. VMware encourages you to learn about the privacy policies of all products, services and applications prior to interacting with them on your device or in Horizon Workspace.

Previous Versions: Horizon Workspace 1.0 Privacy Supplement