Unifying Security Strategy

Forrester Consulting surveyed 1,400+ manager level and above IT/security professionals along with CIOs and CISOs to assess how a common IT and security strategy can break down silos across the two teams. The study outlines how a unified IT and security strategy lays a foundation for success

  • Things the Most Successful Teams Share
  • Outcomes of Misaligned Priorities and a Fragmented Technology Landscape 
  • The Benefits of a Shared Responsibility Model


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Reconciling the Divide

IT and Security professionals are aware of the strained relationships that exist among teams. This in-depth Forrester study helps not only with understanding the specific obstacles in the way of achieving a unified strategy, but it also provides key recommendations to help overcome them.

  • The Top 7 Most-Challenging IT and Security Tasks for C-Level Professionals
  • Identifying the Gaps that Have Impact on Collaboration as Security and IT Teams Work Together
  • How Reporting Structure, Board Visibility, and Talent Shortages Exacerbate the Divide

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