Deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere.

VMware Horizon Cloud simplifies the delivery of cloud-hosted desktops and apps to any device, so you can avoid the hassle and cost of managing your own infrastructure.


Horizon Cloud Overview

Horizon Cloud is Coming to Azure

Horizon Cloud delivers on the promise of a cross-cloud architecture with support for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure

Horizon Cloud with On-premises Infrastructure enables unified management of on-premises virtual desktops and apps through a single cloud control plane. 

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What Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure Delivers

Cloud Simplicity

Horizon Cloud fully manages dedicated infrastructure in the cloud with built-in enterprise-level security, production-level support, and a 99.9% uptime SLA. Backed by VMware, the leader in VDI, Horizon Cloud provides peace of mind that your cloud environment is available and secure when you need it most.

Fast Time-to-Value

Gone are the days of costly and time-consuming VDI deployments. Horizon Cloud lets you scale in a fraction of the time of traditional on-premises environments and deploy desktops in minutes. As a result, you can get new users up and running in no time.

Comprehensive Desktop-as-a-Service Solution

Gain unprecedented flexibility with Horizon Cloud. With multiple desktop configurations, application delivery, and global data center locations, end users will enjoy an exceptional experience on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Predictable Costs

Horizon Cloud’s consumption-based pricing model lets you pay as you grow your cloud environment with no exorbitant upfront capital investment. Easily forecast future costs with simple, predictable per-user pricing.



Horizon Cloud Customer Montage

Debunking DaaS Myths

Get the facts about cost, security issues, integration limitations and more.

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Top 5 Reasons for DaaS

See why desktops as a service are ideal for the mobile cloud era.

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Cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps reduce costs, enhance productivity and minimize downtime for some of your most important use cases. New users are productive immediately. Any user can be provisioned with virtual desktops and apps that are highly secure, mobile-ready, reliable and fully functional for any workload.

For more information about Horizon Cloud use cases, check out some of our customer success stories.

Higher Education

Provide students with anytime, anywhere computing access on and off campus, with 24-hour support for all of their devices.

Mobile Users

Give your mobile workforce the flexibility to securely access critical apps and data from any device, anywhere.

Contract and Temporary Workers

Quickly and easily get new employees up and running while controlling access to vital company information.


What’s Included

  • Public IP address
  • Disk I/O 
  • VPN
  • VMware Horizon client software
  • Image storage
  • 99.9% availability SLA
  • Production-level support 

Available Products

  • Horizon Cloud Named User License
  • Horizon Cloud Concurrent User License
  • Horizon Cloud Standard Capacity (1 vCPU, 2GB vRAM, 30GB Storage

Optional Add-Ons

  • Soft3D
  • Additional HD storage in 1TB increments
  • Additional IP addresses
  • Direct Connect dedicated connectivity

Horizon Cloud Hosted Capacity

Standard Capacity
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon)
Standard Capacity $16/unit/month
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) $300/unit/month
Standard Capacity 1 vCPU
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) 4 vCPU
Standard Capacity 2GB vRAM
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) 16GB vRAM
Hard disk
Standard Capacity 30GB
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) 120GB
GPU memory
Standard Capacity
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) 2GB
Desktop configurations
Standard Capacity 1 unit – 1 vCPU, 2GB vRAM 30GB storage
2 units – 2 vCPU, 4GB vRAM, 60GB storage
4 units – 4 vCPU, 8 GB vRAM 120GB storage
8 units – 8 vCPU, 16GB vRAM, 240GB storage
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) 1 unit – 4 vCPU, 16GB vRAM, 2GB vGPU, 120GB Storage
2 units – 8 vCPU, 32GB vRAM, 4GB vGPU, 240GB Storage
4 units – 16vCPU, 64GB vRAM, 8GB vGPU, 480GB Storage
Desktop types
Standard Capacity Persistent and floating
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) Persistent and floating
Hosted applications
Standard Capacity
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon)
Target users
Standard Capacity Task and knowledge workers– productivity applications, Internet browsing, minimal multimedia
Workstation Capacity (Coming Soon) Power users–HD video, 3D-editing, developers and engineers


Get started with Horizon Cloud for as little as $16 per user per month. With a Horizon Cloud user license, you have access to the Horizon Cloud control plane and can use your licenses across cloud-hosted and on-premises infrastructure deployment options.

You simply decide how many user licenses you need and whether you want your virtual desktops and apps fully hosted in the cloud by VMware or deployed on-premises in your data center.

Choose Your License Model and Payment Term
The service begins with a core subscription for 50 users. From there, you can add users at any time in increments of 10. The additional users will have the same term as your core subscription. Horizon Cloud is offered in 1-, 2-, and 3-year contract terms with various payment options.

Horizon Cloud is available in two user license models:

  • Named User: Ideal for virtual environments with staff that need dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day.
  • Concurrent User: Ideal for virtual environments where machines are shared between workers (such as students or shift workers) throughout the day.

Choose Your Infrastructure
Next you decide how many of your users you want hosted in the cloud by VMware or on-premises in your own data center. For hosted environments, you’ll need to purchase cloud capacity outlined below. For on-premises environments you’ll select from a range of certified hyperconverged infrastructure appliances.

Choose Your Hosted Capacity
Horizon Cloud fully hosted infrastructure from VMware is purchased in units of capacity that you can easily configure into desktops and application servers as needed. With flexible units of capacity there is no need to decide in advance how powerful of a desktop each user needs. Simply draw from your pool of capacity to build right-sized desktops from a variety of available configurations, or purchase additional capacity as needed with ease.

Horizon Cloud offers two types of capacity:

  • Standard Capacity: Ideal for task and knowledge workers who primarily browse the Internet or use standard productivity applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • Workstation Capacity (coming soon): Powered by NVIDIA GRID technology, Horizon Cloud workstation capacity is designed for power users who need high-performance desktops. It is recommended for HD video and demanding design and engineering applications.

For more information on Horizon Cloud pricing, please visit the easy-to-use online configurator.