Application and Desktop Virtualization Reimagined

Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure combines the economics of the cloud with the simplicity of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to rapidly deliver virtual desktops and applications to end users.


Horizon Cloud Overview

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure

Horizon Cloud delivers cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications without the hassle and cost of managing your own infrastructure.

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Horizon Cloud is Coming to Azure

Horizon Cloud delivers on the promise of a cross-cloud architecture with support for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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What Horizon Cloud Delivers

Bridge to the Cloud

Simplify your transition to the cloud with a solution that pairs centralized cloud management with on-premises infrastructure. You can deploy virtualized desktops and applications on-premises, close to end-users, to improve performance as well as meet security and regulatory mandates.

Linear Scalability

This “plug and play” solution requires less time and IT expertise to get up and running than traditional desktop and application virtualization offerings. With a scalable service and right-sized hardware, you only need to buy what you need today.

Radically Simple On-Premises VDI

A unified cloud control plane lets you set up, deploy, manage and update virtual desktops with a few easy clicks. Certified HCI appliances are sized, stacked and ready to go, making it possible to deploy your first 100 desktops in less than one hour. The entire service is available with zero-downtime updates and just-in-time desktops to deliver a great user experience.

Ecosystem of Partners

Horizon Cloud is supported by a broad ecosystem of certified vSAN ReadyNode and HCI partners including Dell EMC, QCT and HDS. Choose the appliance that best meets your needs and get the service up and running in less than an hour.

Service Details

Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure combines the economic benefits of the cloud with the simplicity of hyper-converged infrastructure to transform the delivery of virtual desktops and apps.

  • Get up and running easily, at scale, with certified, preconfigured hyper-converged infrastructure.
  • Support the broadest range of devices including smartphones, tablets, ultra-low-cost PCs, Macs, and more.
  • Double IT’s ability to deliver applications without the need to increase staff.
  • Speed up deployment time from months to weeks, minimizing downtime and substantially increasing user productivity.



Horizon Cloud Customer Montage

Choose Your Virtualization Solution

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IDC MarketScape Names VMware Horizon a Leader

Horizon is included in the Leaders category by IDC MarketScape for Client Virtualization.

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Hybrid Deployment

Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure pairs hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) with a cloud control plane to manage and deliver virtual desktops and apps.

Cloud Control Plane

IT can centrally manage and configure desktops, apps and policies that are hosted as well as those on-premises.

Premium User Experience

Horizon Cloud supports just-in time management technologies such as Instant Clones, App Volumes and User Environment Manager. The JMP platform allows customers to easily scale and deliver feature-rich, secure desktops and apps to their end users on demand.

Modern Application Delivery Architecture

The service provides faster application delivery and management while reducing IT costs by up to 70%.

What’s Included

  • Horizon Cloud Manager
  • VMware Horizon Client software
  • SLA on 99.9% availability
  • Production-level support 

Available Products

  • Named user
  • Concurrent user


You can get started with Horizon Cloud for as little as $16 per user per month. With a Horizon Cloud user license, you have access to the Horizon Cloud control plane and can use your licenses across cloud-hosted and on-premises infrastructure deployment options. With this flexibility, you simply decide how many users licenses you need and whether you want your virtual desktops and apps fully hosted in the cloud by VMware or deployed on-premises in your data center.

Choose Your License Model and Payment Term
The service begins with a core subscription for 50 users. From there, you can add users at any time in increments of 10. The additional users will have the same term as your core subscription. Horizon Cloud is offered in 1-, 2-, and 3-year contract terms with various payment options.

Horizon Cloud is available in two user license models:

  • Named User: Ideal for virtual environments with staff that need dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day.
  • Concurrent User: Ideal for virtual environments where machines are shared between workers (such as students or shift workers) throughout the day.

Choose Your Infrastructure
Next you decide how many of your users you want hosted in the cloud by VMware or on-premises in your own data center. For hosted environments, you’ll need to purchase cloud capacity outlined below. For on-premises environments you’ll select from a range of certified hyper-converged infrastructure appliances.

Choose Your Hosted Capacity
Horizon Cloud fully hosted infrastructure from VMware is purchased in units of capacity that you can easily configure into desktops and application servers as needed. With flexible units of capacity there is no need to decide in advance how powerful of a desktop each user needs. Simply draw from your pool of capacity to build right-sized desktops from a variety of available configurations, or purchase additional capacity as needed with ease.

Horizon Cloud offers two types of capacity:

  • Standard Capacity: Ideal for task and knowledge workers who primarily browse the Internet or use standard productivity applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • Workstation Capacity: Powered by NVIDIA GRID technology, Horizon Cloud workstation capacity is designed for power users who need high-performance desktops, perfect for HD video and demanding design and engineering applications.

For more information on Horizon Cloud pricing, please visit the easy-to-use online configurator.




Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure represents a new approach to building, delivering and managing virtual workspaces. The service pairs the world’s leading hyper-converged infrastructure (Dell EMC, QCT, HDS, and others) with a single cloud control plane to deliver virtual desktops and apps.


For more information, read the Hardware Guide.


Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure -- Supported Hardware Models*





VxRail V470 / V470F
VxRail E460 / E460F
VxRail G410 / G410F 

Quanta Cloud Technology (cert pending)

QuantaGrid D51B-1U

QuantaPlex T41S-2U (4-Node)

Hitachi Data Systems (cert pending)




Hardware Specifications 


Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure is supported on hardware platforms that have the following minimum specifications: 


vSphere ESXi 6.0U2 & up

Shared storage such as vSAN

CPU = 2x12C (either Haswell / Intel v3 or Broadwell / Intel v4)

Memory = 256GB

Storage = 8-9TB useable disk




1.    vSAN ReadyNode certified by VMware

  • Certified for ESXi 6.0 U2
  • All Flash: AF-6 Series & up*
  • Hybrid: HY-8 Series & up*
  • Minimum of 4 vSAN ReadyNode of the chosen model are required


*Base HCL vSAN ReadyNode configurations may be improved with additional CPU cores, increased physical memory, larger cache disk, and/or larger/faster drives to derive an ideal price for performance configuration.


2.    VxRail 

  • All Flash or Hybrid




Working with VMware has never been easier. As a strategic partner for VMware’s Horizon Cloud service, you have the ability to provide supported hyperconverged infrastructure, deliver bundled offerings, host the infrastructure or provide managed services for customers.


VMware works with the world’s leading technology partners to deliver the most comprehensive, turnkey hybrid VDI solution. Join the partner ecosystem today and increase market opportunities for your organization. 


  • Integrate hardware with VMware Horizon Cloud service to deliver a plug-and-play VDI solution for our customers.
  • Create a single subscription service by combining hardware with VMware Horizon Cloud service
  • Host the on-premises hyperconverged infrastructure on behalf of our customers
  • Provide managed services to customers including:·
    • Jumpstart and install
    • Customization and management
    • Software updates

Join the Horizon Cloud partner program today.