Creating a Virtual Data Center

To create a virtual data center, or VDC, you will need access to a Dedicated Cloud and have Virtual Infrastructure Administrator rights. It is not possible to create a VDC in the multi-tenant environment of a Virtual Private Cloud.

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1. Login to *VMware vCloud Air

To log in to vCloud Air:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password, and then click Sign in.

2. Add a Virtual Data Center

To add a virtual data center in vCloud Air:

  1. On the Dashboard tab, click Add a Virtual Data Center.
  2. Click the Dedicated Cloud where you will place the virtual data center.
  3. On the resources menu, you can create a virtual data center that consumes all of the available resources or you can use a portion of the available resources. To only use a portion, click some, and then click Create Virtual Data Center.

  4. Provide a unique name for this virtual data center.

  5. When creating a new virtual data center, you can select a predefined default size. Notice that default sizes that are beyond the available capacity in your Dedicated Cloud will not be available. You can also customize the size of your virtual data center under Adjust the specs.

  6. Click Set Up This Virtual Data Center, and note that the Resource Snapshot on the Dashboard tab has been updated based on the specs you entered in the previous step.

3. Configure a Virtual Data Center


  1. On the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center you want to configure.

  2. On the Usage & Allocation tab, click CPU, memory, or storage to make adjustments to the allocations of these resources for this particular virtual data center.

  3. For example, to allocate more storage, click the Storage usage bar. In the Storage Allocation window, type a new value, and then click Save.

  4. Click the Virtual Machines tab to view the virtual machines that have been created within this virtual data center. Note that there are no virtual machines in a new virtual data center.

  5. Click the Gateways tab, and note the following:
  • One gateway has been automatically created.
  • Configuration is set to compact.
  • High availability is enabled.
  • One network is in use.
  • Two IP addresses were specified when this virtual data center was created. One has been used, and the other has not.

6. Click the Networks tab, and note the following:

  • Two networks have been created by default.
  • One network is isolated. It sits on the internal side and has an internal IP range.
  • The other network is routed and uses a public IP address. On the gateway, this network takes a public IP address and connects to a private network on the inside, where virtual machines can be connected.

7. Click the Users tab, and note that all the users listed have access to the virtual data center.

8. Optional: To log in to the vCloud Director UI to manage the virtual data center directly, click vCloud Director URL. Then, copy and paste the URL into a new browser window.