Why VMware Hybrid Cloud Management?

Reduce Costs and Silos

Eliminate the time and cost of reskilling and avoid data center and cloud silos by leveraging familiar tools and processes.

Improve Visibility Across Hybrid Cloud

Enhance the visibility and security of your network infrastructure within and between hybrid cloud environments.

Speed Service Delivery

Ensure consistent service delivery and performance no matter where your applications and users are located.

Optimize Capacity Planning

Find and use the right environment by optimizing capacity utilization and performance.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain continuity and compliance with configuration and policies that work everywhere.

Enable Rapid Troubleshooting

Get the tools and visibility you need to find and fix issues fast.

Benefits of Consistent Hybrid Cloud Management

Drive Agility and Operational Efficiency

Learn how to succeed with consistent hybrid cloud management that increases agility and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Simplify and Improve IT Management Processes

Explore best practices, checklists, and a 5-step approach to simplifying and improving IT operations management.

Gain Value from Consistent Hybrid Cloud Management and Operations

Discover the key benefits of a single operating model and understand the importance of consistency in automation tools, self-service provisioning, monitoring, and more.

Reduce Complexity and Minimize Risks

Get answers to your biggest questions on how to correctly run a hybrid cloud.

Enable Faster Troubleshooting and Reduced Risk

Learn how you can simultaneously run and manage VMs and container-based workloads within a single platform.

VMware Products for Hybrid Cloud Management

VMware Cloud Foundation

Get a software-defined foundation for private, hybrid, and public clouds, with unified support for VMs and containers.

vRealize Cloud Management

Enable consistent deployment and operations of your apps, infrastructure, and platform services with an intelligent hybrid cloud management platform.

vRealize Operations

Enable self-driving operations for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments with a unified, AI-powered platform.

vRealize Automation

Access software to accelerate the delivery of IT services with automation and pre-defined policies.

vRealize Network Insight

Find software for building optimized and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments.

NSX Data Center

Discover the L2-L7 network and security virtualization platform that enables the Virtual Cloud Network.

Market Leaders Choose VMware


“This initiative involved complex integration of vRealize Automation with various third-party tools to deliver a secure hybrid cloud environment, and the implementation was successfully completed within the deadlines by VMware. This deployment has now reduced our resource provisioning time from 10 days to just few hours. Thereby, significantly enhancing developer productivity and user experience.”

– Vellaiyan Manohar, AVP, IT Infrastructure

Related Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Modernize the Data Center

Transform IT infrastructure to capitalize on the flexibility, scalability and performance of private and hybrid clouds.

Migrate to the Cloud

Use the VMware tools and infrastructure you already know to migrate applications between environments—without the cost, complexity or risk of refactoring apps.

Scale on Demand

Tap cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery, or to scale up and down to meet spikes in demand—without disruption, unnecessary cost or complexity.

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