Manage Multi-Cloud Security and Compliance



Mitigate Multi-Cloud Security Risk

Manage security and compliance across clouds with real-time insights, threat detection and enhanced collaboration, freeing developers to focus on critical issues.

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Why VMware for Multi-Cloud Security?

Reduce the Risk of Misconfigurations

Reduce the Risk of Misconfigurations

Improve your cloud’s security with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on out-of-the-box security rules and custom policies.

Accelerate Issue Investigation

Accelerate Issue Investigation

Raise immediate alerts, correlate threats with misconfigurations, and investigate issues with meaningful context to address the biggest threats first.

Prioritize Risk Mitigation Activities

Prioritize Risk Mitigation Activities

Prioritize issues using smart risk scores, investigate with visual context, and collaborate with distributed teams to resolve issues quickly.

Comprehensive Posture Management

Comprehensive Posture Management

In a single view, track compliance scores, number of open violations, and progress that teams have made in resolving issues.

Detect Threats in Real Time

Detect Threats in Real Time

Use data from cloud-native threat feeds to continuously monitor the cloud for anomalies and suspicious activity.

Unify SecOps and DevOps

Unify SecOps and DevOps

Build guardrails to proactively mitigate security risks before applications hit production.

Enhance Multi-Cloud Security and Compliance 


7 Best Practices for Cloud Security Posture Management

Get actionable recommendations from industry experts on improving security standards and scaling operations. Plus, find tips specific to cloud security, including how to centralize your cloud visibility and meet compliance standards.

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Achieving Interconnected Cloud Security with VMware

Read how VMware can help you ensure proper cloud resource configuration, monitor malicious activity, and prevent unauthorized access to protect applications and data stored in public clouds.

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VMware Products to Manage Multi-Cloud Security 

CloudHealth Secure State

Mitigate risk through intelligent, real-time security insights.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud

Provide app-centric security and network visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Zipwhip Scales Growing Business with Azure and AWS

Integrating security management standards into your organization’s development methodology is a tricky yet necessary step for scaling security. Learn how Zipwhip uses VMware Secure State to tackle that challenge.

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“VMware Secure State enables us to minimize the risk of a security breach by reducing our attack surface and better protecting our cloud applications and data. With VMware we are able to visualize risk with a graph view, so we can easily convey the impact of changes to key stakeholders.”

– Kolby Allen, Platform Engineer, Zipwhip

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