Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations

Achieve Better Cloud Governance and Improve Multi-Cloud Operations

Improve consistency and gain control over your cloud environment by automating governance policies without impacting the agility of teams using the cloud.

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Why Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations with VMware?

Simplify Policy Management

Simplify Policy Management

Define governance policies that ensure consistency and compliance across cost, usage, performance, security, and configuration.

Meet Corporate and Industry Standards

Meet Corporate and Industry Standards

Leverage policy and automation to meet regulatory mandates and align operations with corporate guidelines, industry and cloud provider best practices, and to meet regulatory mandates.

Reduce Manual Processes

Reduce Manual Processes

Easily maintain control over your multi-cloud environment with workflows that automate the application of policies.

Establish Guardrails for Teams

Establish Guardrails for Teams

Help teams avoid operational pitfalls that increase costs and risk without affecting their ability to rapidly respond to changing market conditions.

Shift Your Operational Focus

Shift Your Operational Focus

Reduce the risk of security violations or overspending, resulting in more time for business growth and innovation.

Tackle New Priorities

Tackle New Priorities

Leverage multi-cloud insights to simplify high-priority projects like cloud migration and container management .

Best Practices for Streamlining Multi-Cloud Operations 


Your Guide to Cloud Migration

Learn 10 best practices for migrating your workloads to the cloud, including when application refactoring makes most sense.

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Build a Successful Cloud Operations and Governance Practice

Learn how to create an organization-wide culture of continuous governance, best practices for getting started, and KPIs to track ongoing success.

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VMware Products to Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations

CloudHealth by VMware

Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security and governance in one place with a cloud management platform.

CloudHealth Secure State

Mitigate risk through intelligent, real-time security insights.

vRealize Automation Cloud

Consume the latest software technologies seamlessly and efficiently.

Market Leaders Choose VMware

Segment Uses Containers and Optimizes Operations to Drive Efficiency

To ensure that its business can scale efficiently while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and support, Segment uses CloudHealth by VMware as its cloud management platform, gaining visibility into container workloads and optimizing costs.

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“As soon as we had that visibility from CloudHealth, we were able to chip away at the problem and make sure our COGS didn’t spike if certain customers pushed the limits of our infrastructure.”

– Tido Carriero, Chief Product Development Officer, Segment


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Leverage cost optimization insights to drive increased accountability and improve the efficiency of your multi-cloud environment.

Manage Security and Compliance

Empower your developers to detect and remediate risks in seconds before they become an issue.