Reaching Beyond Borders

VIF International Education fosters cultural exchange and global educator development by sponsoring teachers from around the world to teach in accredited U.S. schools. The organization’s comprehensive language immersion and global literacy programs for K-12 schools run on a Learning Center platform, enabling teachers, school leaders, and districts to access professional development tools and curriculum resources to aid the best learning outcomes. To maintain the platform’s availability while scaling for growth—system demand jumped by more than 500% in just one year— VIF migrated its environment to VMware vCloud Air, taking advantage of the VMware vSphere interface to manage internal servers and systems in the cloud. 


VIF International Education and VMware

VIF International Education and VMware 

Helping Teachers Teach

Teaching resources such as global and project-based lesson plans in multiple languages, video training, and online collaboration that were once available only to visiting international teachers are now also offered to American teachers in host schools. VIF selected VMware vCloud Air to help it scale alongside the growing number of educators who wanted to access the Learning Center. VMware vCloud Air also enables VIF to achieve 99.999% availability for the Learning Center, which means that teachers worldwide can reliably access content at any time.

VIF International Education

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Industry: Education
Products: VMware vSphere, vCloud Air

Gold-Star Performance

The Learning Center platform running on VMware vCloud Air is performing three times better than what it was on-premises. This makes life easier for the IT team, and improves the user experience for teachers. With the increased stability and availability, VIF is no longer dealing with system crashes every couple of days—often late at night. Instead, the IT team can focus on the business, and plot the course for the next stage of the company’s growth. This includes expanding the Learning Center to continue integrating educators’ new global attitudes, skills, and knowledge into classroom practices that positively impact student learning.

What VIF International Education has to say about us

“The fact that vCloud Air allows me to use the same vSphere interface to manage both our internal servers and our systems in the cloud just makes life a whole lot easier. I don’t have to learn a new system and a new interface. Even better, I don’t have to teach it to anyone else.”


Mark Haney, Senior Systems Engineer, VIF International Education


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