Apply Innovative New Models to Transform Security 


Application infrastructure is changing from on-premises data centers and monolithic applications to include multiple clouds and distributed applications leveraging microservices. Traditional perimeter-centric network security doesn’t provide enough visibility or control, and data at rest is an increasingly valuable target. Instead, VMware abstracts infrastructure from the applications running on top of it. This provides context and maximum visibility into the environment, while enabling the encryption of data at rest and micro-segmentation to align security controls with applications.


How to Secure Your Application Infrastructure

Discover how micro-segmentation transforms IT security.


VMware vSphere
The industry-leading virtualization platform, VMware vSphere provides a powerful, flexible and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates the digital transformation to cloud computing and success in the digital economy.
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VMware NSX
This network virtualization platform delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for the data center network. Similar to virtual machines for compute, VMware NSX enables reproduction of the entire network in software by moving networking and security services into the hypervisor.
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vRealize Network Insight
vRealize Network Insight delivers intelligent operations for Software-Defined Data Center networking and security, with converged visibility across virtual and physical networks, and provides micro-segmentation planning recommendations and operations management for VMware NSX.
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Secure Identity and Endpoints

Gain end-to-end visibility and control.

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Streamline Compliance

A ubiquitous software layer simplifies compliance.

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