The Power of Partnership


VMware and Cisco have a long history of helping companies of all types modernize their IT infrastructure to be more responsive to their business needs. Our collaboration continues to drive joint solutions that leading organizations trust for their mission critical applications with the highest levels of security and availability. Today our joint innovations extend support to branch offices, workspaces, and mobile devices. The results are end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions that help IT deliver agile, flexible solutions to the business.

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Cisco UCS and VMware vSAN



Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) with Cisco UCS and VMware vSAN


The storage landscape for blades is fast changing thanks to recent innovations in software driven by vSAN. Cisco UCS blades powered by vSAN enables high storage capacity points in a four node cluster and is a great fit for modern data center use cases such as VDI, Business Critical Apps, Web Applications etc.


Customers who have standardized on Cisco blades can now deploy vSAN without having to purchase additional storage only nodes and future proof their hardware investment, not having to move to rack mount storage dense servers to run their applications.

  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Unified Management
  • Linear Scalability

Cisco UCS and VMware Horizon


Desktop Virtualization with VMware Horizon View and Cisco Unified Data Center delivers scalable solutions that simplify management, optimize user experiences, and offer superior price-to-performance ratios for customers of all sizes. Fully integrated with VMware vCenter, this VDI solution offers:

  • The industry's fastest-growing blade server solution and the most widely adopted virtualization platform
  • A superior price-to-performance ratio that helps organizations grow deployments to match business demands
  • A simplified provisioning and operations model that can spin up virtual desktops in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Uncompromised user experiences across devices and locations, delivered across a QoS-enabled data center and network
  • Competitively priced infrastructure and software that reduces VDI deployment risks and initial capital outlay, accelerating ROI

Remote Office/Branch Office with Cisco UCS E-Series


Simplify the branch with a converged compute, network, and virtualization-ready platform. With Cisco UCS E-Series you can reduce costs without compromising vital network services. Virtualization-ready and application-centric, these blade servers are built with network, compute, and storage capacities for high-performance application hosting.


Cisco UCS E-Series with vSAN

Cisco UCS E-Series with vSAN further assists with branch office consolidation ratios and delivers a personal customer interactive retail experience.


Cisco UCS E-Series with vSphere

Cisco UCS E-series has been a key branch office platform for VMware vSphere providing excellent performance and value for workloads such as network applications, core Microsoft Windows services (AD DS, DNS) and mission-critical business applications (POS systems, EMR systems). Cisco Integrated Service Routers provide telecom services (Routing, PBX) in a hardened high MTBF package that can be thrown in a dusty and poorly cooled telecom closest, in a retail store or a train, oil rig, warehouse, water pump station, or other remote location.

NSX with Cisco Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)


Stop threats, see what's happening on your network, and reduce costs through automation with Cisco threat-focused next-generation firewalls. Available in physical and virtual options, NGFW combines firewall with the industry’s most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection to offer more visibility, flexibility, and better protection.

Customer Testimonials



“It’s quite evident that Cisco engineers worked hard to make sure basic configuration is easy.”

- Mathias Seiler, Head of Cloud Services, MiroNet

Baystate Health

“We’ve got a lot of smart folks here and now, with the automation and orchestration in our new hyperconverged environment, we can free them up to do what smart people like to do, rather than reset user IDs every day.”

- Joel Vengco, CIO of Baystate Health

Cloud Carib

“Our customers are surprised by the speed and responsiveness of their applications. Cloud Carib now has the ability to host any demanding application a customer wants to run.”

- Stelios Xeroudakis, Founder and Managing Director, Cloud Carib

Union Hospital

“We probably gained back years on our capacity in our data center. We were running out of space, but now we have room to grow without having to invest in more equipment.”

- Chad Elliott, network systems consultant at Union Hospital