The Power of Partnership


Hitachi Vantara together with VMware, deliver solutions that allow our customers to efficiently manage, govern, and mobilize key data infrastructure across data centers and clouds, reducing the complexity and cost of disparate applications and services. Hitachi is committed to accelerating your digital transformation journey. By bringing IT agility to life with deep integrations that are pre-engineered and certified, Hitachi accelerates deployments.


Teams can transition all workloads to a dynamic and scalable converged, hyperconverged, or “rack scale” infrastructure for VMware environments built for the cloud. Building upon a technology alliance that spans more than sixteen years, together Hitachi Vantara and VMware enhance efficiency, agility, and manageability.

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Hitachi Vantara: Path to Innovation


"We could not be more pleased with our combined Hitachi and VMware environments. We've met our recovery time objectives, doubled our consolidation ratios, significantly improved reliability and performance, and built a platform for growth."

- Joe Ramey, Manager of IT Engineering, Hitachi Vantara Corporation

“Hitachi’s strong track record of innovation led them to be recognized as VMware Global Innovation OEM Partner of the Year at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017. The Hitachi UCP RS solution powered by VMware Cloud Foundation is no exception. The solution improves productivity, delivers faster time to business value and accelerates the customer’s ability to realize the true power of their data.”

- John Gilmartin, Vice President and General Manager, Integrated Systems, VMware



Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Family (UCP)

Hitachi UCP and VMware provide a modern, agile, software-defined infrastructure that is automated to help IT run systems of innovation.

  • Improve operational efficiency with flash-accelerated converged and hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Increase application performance up to 4X with modern all-NVMe Hyperconverged system powered by VMware vSAN and Intel Optane
  • Achieve unmatched reliability, flexibility, automation, and performance for your most demanding workloads
  • Experience the speed, scale and simplicity of hybrid cloud infrastructure with Hitachi UCP RS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Grow at your own speed, start small and scale to meet needs whenever and wherever they arise
  • Automate the management, monitoring, and orchestration of converged, hyperconverged, and rack-scale infrastructures supporting virtual and bare metal environments

Hitachi UCP Advisor

Accelerate your data center modernization with UCP Advisor.

  • Rapidly deploy production environments using automated rule-based configuration, templates, and workflow validations
  • Simplify operations with smart lifecycle management and automated firmware updates (compute, network)
  • Manage compute, storage, and network resources from a single pane of glass with the ability to scale infrastructure resources independently
  • Visualize with an easy-to-use GUI to manage, monitor, and maintain a UCP environment
  • Reduce staff learning curves with tight integrations into VMware software and tools

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)

Hitachi all-flash and hybrid cloud storage systems are designed to improve business agility and cloud scalability.

  • VSP powered by SVOS offers best in-class resiliency, backed up with a 100% data availability guarantee to deliver uninterrupted business operations
  • SVOS has native VMware integrations including Virtual Volumes, Site Recovery Manager and vRealize as well as data reduction technologies that support vMotion
  • VSP is designed to deliver intelligent end-to-end datacenter cloud analytics to meet application centric service levels, adjusted based on quality of service available
  • Deliver infrastructure as a service in partnership with VMware solutions
  • Hitachi Hi-Track cloud monitoring and analytics automates the monitoring and maintenance of VSP storage and also UCP HC Hyperconverged vSAN platforms

Customer Testimonials


Dis-Chem Pharmacies

“It became purely a numbers game. We needed 8TB of storage and 4 compute nodes to facilitate it. It all came down to speed of deployment, capacity and ultimately future scalability.”

- Lee Engelbrecht, Technical Manager, Dis-Chem

Deluxe Corporation

“What’s really interesting is when we first had an opportunity to meet the Hitachi team, they came in and simply listened, and they questioned to understand. When I walked away from the conversa¬tions, I realized that they were valuing us as a customer. They were interested in our journey. They were more concerned about our success. I was impressed with the talent that Hitachi brought to the table, every time. That’s pretty powerful. That’s what partnership looks like.”

- Michael S. Mathews, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Deluxe Corporation

SPAR Austria Group

“What Hitachi brought to the table was quality and expertise. Hitachi did an excellent job of pinpointing the problems we face and putting together a professional and compact package supported by a great customer service team. ”

- Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director, SPAR Austria Group